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I went to the Space and Air Museum in Indiana...

I paid $20 just to see an empty warehouse.

Why is Chicago called the Windy City?

Because Indiana sucks and Wisconsin blows

Why can't Indiana Jones find a long lasting relationship?

Bad dates.

Indiana joke, Why can't Indiana Jones find a long lasting relationship?

Why does corn in Illinois lean east?

Because Indiana sucks and Iowa blows.

Indiana is like an Adam Sandler movie.

Effortless to avoid.

What do you call Harrison Ford shivering in the corner of the Temple of Doom?

Indiana Jonesing

He only wanted a small sub- now he's getting all-you-can eat Footlongs in an Indiana Jail.

*Bah-bump, tiss....*

Indiana joke, He only wanted a small sub- now he's getting all-you-can eat Footlongs in an Indiana Jail.

I'm starting a business in Indiana; we do paternity tests and private investigations.

It's called "Hoosier Daddy and What Does He Do?"

They are opening a hardware store in Indiana where they will only employ people who have had a difficult childhood being raised in either domestic abuse or foster houses.

It will be called the Broken Home Depot.

Did you hear they're making an Indiana Jones 5?

How can they do that?!

They haven't released a fourth!

I used my rosary as a whip today...

Call me Indiana Joan of Arc

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You never know which way Indiana Jones' necklace will vote

It's an Indy-pendant.

What's Indiana Jones favorite dance move?

The Whip.

Does Indiana Jones like foreplay?

No, he just whips it out.

Abortion humor everybody: Texas (and Indiana) tried to pass law that said miscarriages/abortions had to have burials. Listen to what that plan sounds like:


What does Indiana Jones drink to reinforce his courage?

A snakebite shot chased by a rolling rock.

Indiana joke, What does Indiana Jones drink to reinforce his courage?

What would you call Indiana Jones if he was a cop?


My favorite place to be was always Indiana.

..but Deanna dumped me, and now my new favorite place to be is in Jennifer.

What did the whip cream say to Indiana Jones?

Cool Whip

What does a dominatrix and Indiana Jones have in common?

They both ride on top of subs.

What does an Indian-American say after riding a roller coaster?

I'm Desi.

Tickets for the Indiana State Philharmonic went up dramatically after they doubled the width of the stage.

You didn't think that the ISP would give out twice the band width for free did you?

That priest from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was actually a really inspirational guy.

He touched so many hearts.

Indianapolis found after 72 years

Bugs finally remembered to make that left at Albuquerque

What did Indiana Jones and Stevie Wonder both find?

The Holy Brail

Disney now owns Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Disney World and the Simpsons.

If they acquire my parent's divorce they will own my entire childhood.

Which state is the sluttiest?

I have no idea but i'm 6 inches deep Indiana

When my wife left me I was in a terrible state.


Where did Prince Charles go on his honeymoon?


Mike Pence and conservative doctors in Indiana announced a miracle pill to cure homosexuality

Only one problem. It's an 8-inch long suppository.

Computer Joke

California Democrats - CADEM
Michigan Democrats - MIDEM
Indiana Democrats - INDEMS

Montana Democrats - Modems!

Why is Indiana Jones sad?

Because his career is in ruins.

What's Indiana Jones's least favorite beer?

Rolling Rock

Which evil villain would most likely defeat Indiana Jones?

Cobra Commander

I was having sex with my girlfriend, Diana, when my roommate, Jones, entered the room

Im indiana Jones, Get out

What's Indiana Jones's least favorite band?

The Rolling Stones

Why does Indiana Jones hate drag queens?

They're booby traps

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