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Funniest Indian Reservation Short Jokes

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  1. Hotel Indian. Did you hear about the Indian who had to sleep in the hotel lobby because he didn't have a reservation?
  2. I'm starting to have second thoughts about the hotel room I booked at the Indian Casino this weekend. simply put, I'm having reservations about my reservation on the reservation.
  3. I'm having second thoughts about booking time to visit an Indian community. I guess I'm having reservation reservation reservations.
  4. Why do Indians never have to call ahead of time to restaurants? Because they have reservations
  5. What's the difference between the types of Indians who live in Canada? One type moves to Canada and opens up restaurants, the other type already have reservations.
  6. My boyfriend and I are Cherokee Indians. He stood me up at our favorite restaurant last night... But it's OK. I don't think we could have stayed anyway, we didn't have a reservation.
  7. Reservation You know, if you are hesitant to book time to stay on Indian land.. that's a reservation reservation reservation!
  8. What do you call dental work you get while on vacation on an indian reservation? Sioux-veneers
  9. I was on a guided tour of an Indian Reservation when this streaker ran past our group wearing nothing but a headdress. I asked the tour guide. "Who's that idiot?"
    He replied.."That's Running Bare"
  10. Went to the Indian reservation to get some dental work done... Ended up just buying some Sioux veneers

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Indian Reservation One Liners

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  1. Why were the Indians here first? They had reservations.
  2. How do we know the Indians were the first people in North America? They had reservations.
  3. I want to see where the indians live.... But I have my reservations.
  4. How do you know the Indians were here before us? They had reservations.
  5. Why did I go to the dentist at an Indian Reservation? To get some Sioux veneers
  6. An Indian walks into a hotel, and the receptionist asks "Do you have a reservation?"
  7. Why was a guy arrested for peeing on Indian land? He was on a Nipissing reserve.
  8. So I called an Indian restaurant They didn't take my reservation.

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An Indian man arrives at the reception of a hotel...

An Indian man arrives at the reception of a hotel and asks for a room for the night. The receptionist says "of course, sir, do you have a reservation?"
To which he replies "I'm not that kind of Indian!"

I recently opened a restaurant on top of ancient indian burial grounds. When I tried to explain my business to the local tribe they interrupted

Apparently they already had some reservations.

I wanna do some community service this Thanksgiving...

So I'm gonna go to the Indian reservations and hand out blankets

Did you hear about the first electrician to put a light in an outhouse for an Indian?

He was the first to wire ahead for a reservation.

What brand of routers & switches do Native American indians use for computer networking on the reservation?

**TP-Link** mostly, but occasionally they use **Buffalo**....

I am going to a very popular new Indian restaurant tonight

so I had to make an *Indian Reservation*

If you were to second guess your decision to book some time to visit an Indian community...

that would be a "reservation reservation reservation"
~ Brian Regan

What's the fastest thing in the world?
A beer truck driving through an Indian reserve.

What's the second fastest thing in the world?
The Indians running after it.

My wife said something mean about Indian reservations

I said "don't be so indiansensitive"

The Native American Weatherman

A director is shooting a movie in a desert near an Indian reservation. One day, a native american comes up to him and says "Rain today."
The director doesn't pay much attention, but towards the middle of the day, it rains. The director is now impressed, and instantly hires the native american to predict weather for him.
The cycle continues until the director is about to shoot the most important scene of the film. He asks the native: "What's the weather like today?" He says "Don't know."
"What? What do you mean you don't know?"
"Radio broken."

A catholic priest and an Indian named John...

One Friday afternoon on the reservation John and his family were starving. John, being a great hunter, went out and killed a deer to feed his wife and kids.

A catholic priest sees this and says, "John! What are you doing? You cannot eat meat on a Friday!"

John says to the priest, "It's not meat, it's fish!"

The priest couldn't believe his ears. He quickly replied, "It is meat and you should not tell lies, John!"

John says, "I assure you father, it is fish."

Cofused and curious the father ask John, "Why do you say it is fish?"

John says, "I sprinkled water on it and I said from meat you become fish."

The priest yells at John, "You cannot do that!"

John says, "Why not father? When I met you I was Mapuche, then you sprinkled water on me and I became John."

Why do indians always get seats in restaurants?

because they have reservations.
im so sorry

A black man gets lost on an indian reservation

So he stops at an old general store for directions. Upon pulling up to the store he is met by an old, wise Najavo man sitting in a rocking chair on the porch. He approaches the man and asks "excuse me, but how do I get back onto the interstate?"
The old sage thinks for a moment, and in traditional Najavo style he points with his lips instead of his hands. "Go down that road, take a left, past the barn. Ya can't miss it"
The black man smiles and decides to play along. "I get it. Down that road, left, past the barn", he says proudly, pointing with his lips.
"No", replies the indian. "Not that far".

Indian chief

So there's this Indian reservation, and the food stamps are 3 days late. People are starting to get uppity about it. So the local chief has to leave and go talk to the government people about it. He doesn't know English very well, so he is scared. But he makes sure not to let other see fear on his face. He goes down to the office, gets in line, and an old woman yells to him from the side of the room "hey! What's your name?"
He answers "Red Eagle Circle Water."
The woman replies "You don't hear a name like that every day."
The chief is confused, and he says back "Yeah I do."

There was a guy on a road trip who stopped at a rest stop at an Indian reservation

While paying for his items he asked that clerk about a strange man standing out front. The cashier said that's Running Wolf, he remembers everything. On his way out the man deciding to try out the Indians memory asks him what he had for breakfast. The Indian replies "Eggs". The man is slightly impressed but decides he has no better questions and leaves. Years latter the man unknowingly stops at the same rest stop and when he sees an old Indian man he greets him by saying "How". The Indian replies "Scrambled".

The Indian with a great memory

When I was a kid, everyone all over the country would come to visit the Indian reservation to meet one person. He was the only man in the world to have a perfect memory, but people were only allowed to ask one question. My family decided to go visit him for ourselves, and when we got there I had the perfect question.
"Excuse me sir, what did you have for breakfast when you were 15 years old?"
He replied, "Eggs." and that was that. I was disappointed by his answer, but there was nothing I could do.
Ten years later I recognized the man sitting by himself in a park. I walked up to him, held my hand up with the palm up, and said "How". He said "Scrambled."

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