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Funniest Indian Girl Short Jokes

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  1. How does an Indian girl tell her family she will be wearing a Western dress to her wedding? "Sorry, not Sari."
  2. What happened to the Indian girl that didn't want to eat her dinner? She got sent to bed for naancompliance
  3. A girl asked if I play any Indian instruments. I told her I play mandolin, violin and cello. Close, but no sitar.
  4. I dated an Indian girl in college and got to know her extended family Now I have strong passwords for life
  5. The last time I saw an asian guy beat that badly..... was by an indian girl at the Scripps National Spelling Bee
  6. I took a girl to an Indian restaurant and ordered the flatbread basket for an appetizer. My date criticized my choice and stormed out. Something about me being a naan starter.
  7. I was eating at an Indian restaurant when a homeless man came in and asked the girl behind the counter if they had any food he could have. She told him there was Naan.
  8. What do Indian girls tell their father when a man comes to pick her up for a date? The Uber has come.
  9. My wife is Indian, i'm Hispanic, she's pregnant with a girl and we felt it kick for the first time today. Guess we're having a kickin' chica masala.
  10. I met an Indian girl who doesn't date Indian guys... When I asked her why, she said "uhhh no real reason". I'm thinking, "no reason, huh?" So I punched her in the face.
    Now she has a reason.

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Indian Girl One Liners

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  1. What do you call a Scottish girl with a fake tan in an Indian restaurant? A mango lassie
  2. Why did the Indian girl suffer so much when she broke her leg? She was in the wrong cast.
  3. How do you get an Indian girl pregnant? Poppadom.
  4. What do Indians call eating a girl out? A Punjab
  5. What do Indian girls have at sleepovers? Pilau Fights.
  6. I just saw a girl handing over tissues to her Indian boyfriend... ...i think he was Sikh.
  7. How do you turn on an Indian girl You press the button on her forehead
  8. Who did the Indian Girl choose to Marry? No one. Her parents chose for her.
  9. We go together like unibrows and Indian girls
  10. What do you call a group of Indian girls? Spice girls
  11. An Indian girl is into b**... She's a poppadominatrix
  12. What do you call an Indian girl with a punctured c**...? Rightupinder

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Land O Lakes

Have you guys seen the new Land O Lakes butter packaging? They removed the Native American girl from their labels to be more politically correct.
Now that's the most American thing I've ever seen; remove the Indian and keep the land.

Greatest situational joke I've ever told...

A girl I know was talking about how her white mum was an Indian chef, which my other friend couldn't quite grasp and said "How can your mum be an Indian chef if she's not Indian?"
I replied "You can be a pizza chef and not be a pizza".
Had a couple people in tears saying that so I thought I'd share it, might have been a 'you-had-to-be-there' moment.

An Indian joke translated to english

A teenage girl wearing a skirt climbing up a staircase sees boys on the ground floor looking up and laughing. She goes to her mom and complains.
Girl: "Mom, boys saw me climbing up the stairs and were laughing"
Mom: "Oh dear, they must be laughing cuz they could see your p**..."
Girl: "But I wasn't wearing any!"

Bengal Lancers joke from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

D: which side were you on?
LP: I rode with the British Cavalry.
D: What was the name of that outfit?
LP: The Bengal Lancers
D: (Starts laughing.) That's funny.
Little girl: No, it's not.
D: Sure i is. Think about it.
Little Girl: You're right. It is funny.

Someone asked an Indian girl how she got married?

"I used to work at a pharmacy and my would-be husband came and asked for an XXXXXXL c**....
It was only after the arranged marriage I found out that he has a stutter."