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A joke my mommy told me :)

Once there was a woman sitting in the doctor's office, complaining of incessant gas. She says to the doctor.

"I've been having silent farts all day. I had one in the harris teeter, one in church, one right now."

The doctor replied, "I think you need to get your hearing checked."


Best medicine

Patient approached a doctor for incessant cough and doctor prescribed laxative.

Assistant to doctor. Sir, you gave him laxative for cough.
Doctor: Yes, and now he'd think twice before coughing.


A young man is in court.

He's driving everyone mad with his loud and incessant chewing.

The judge looks over and says "For the love of God man would you stop masticating"

To which he replies in a panicked voice "I wasn't, I wasn't, I swear, I just had my hands in my pockets"


Why does God love atheists?

Because they don't bother Him with incessant prayer.


Did you hear about the guy who died from having to listen to his wife's incessant talking?

He was sentenced to death.


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