Incense Jokes

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Humorous Incense Jokes to Bring Fun and Laughter to Your Life

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So I replaced all of the incense in the Friar's chamber with m**...

He's a High priest now

I burn a lot of incense. My buddy asked me what I do when I run out.

I told him I'd buy some myhhr

A wise man is walking through a market with a bag of gold.

As he passes the various sellers, a merchant quickly lights some incense and a beautiful aroma fills the air. It's frankincense, the merchant says. The best in the land.
The wise man gets some and is about to leave when the merchant calls out, But wait ... there's myrrh!

A woman purchased a new incense burner. However, she got very confused since it wasn't working.

It made no d**... scents.

What do you call hippie siblings in a relationship?


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