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What do you call someone from Alabama stuck in a sandwich?


In Alabama, when served rolls, they never serve the butter on the side.

Because they like it inbread.

why is Alabama the sandwich capital of the world?

Because everything is inbread

Did you know that yeast cells are incestuous?

They're in-bread.

why do people from Alabama love sandwiches?

they like things that are inbread

What do you call a r**... family of bakers?


Having a baby in the south is like yeast...

Y'know, cause it's in-bread.

Inbread joke, Having a baby in the south is like yeast...

Why does the Pillsbury Dough Boy have so many health issues?

Because he was inbread.

How do you compare a r**... and a sandwich?

They're both in-bread...

Why did the wheat become misshapen?

It was inbread

where do Alabamans put their butter?


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What happens if a r**... bakes himself into a loaf?

He's inbread.

What do two sibling bakers create at night?


Two Slices in a Ham Sandwich Marry Each Other.

I bet their children will be inbread.

what do you call a baker from Alabama ?


Why are pigs in a blanket g**...?

Because they're in-bread.

Inbread joke, Why are pigs in a blanket g**...?

Are your parents bakers?

Cause youre inbread.

Why are peanut butter and jelly r**...?

They're in-bread

Did you hear about the baker who was trapped by genetics

He was in-bread.

Did you hear that the baker's mom was also his aunt?

I guess he was inbread.

What do yeast and West Virginians have in common?

They are both inbread

Dont butter the WronG LoAF!

Why cant Mom toast have be with Son Toast?
Then they will be InBread
And would be in quite the jam
The father would get jelly
So just loaf your siblings out of it.

Don't marry bakers...

They're all inbread

Damnnn girl, are you a sandwich?

Cause you lookin in-bread

Why are the raisins in raisin toast so s**...?

Because they are inbread.

How do you make an American sandwich?

With *in-bread*.

Inbread joke, How do you make an American sandwich?

Why do sandwiches never have kids?

Because they always turn out in-bread.

What's a British royal's favorite food?


What do you get when two gingerbread cookies have unprotected s**...?

A child that's inbread

What do you call Joffrey Baratheon when he's really baked?


I just thought up an original joke today, hopefully you all like it...Why is wheat a h**... grain?

because its inbread

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