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1,000 Men Were Recently Surveyed About Women

10% of the men surveyed liked women with thin legs.

15% of the men surveyed preferred women with muscular legs.

The rest liked something in-between.


Behind every great man is a great woman...

A in-between them is a wife that's always complaining.


The flat chested wife

A wife was looking in the mirror and contemplating on getting breast implants.

She asks her husband, "Honey, my breasts are sooo small. What would you say if I wanted to get breast implants?"

Her husband chuckles and replies, "You should try rubbing toilet paper in-between your breasts and see if that helps."

After a few weeks of doing this, distraught, the wife said to her husband, "Dear, I've been doing this for weeks and it doesn't seem to have done ANYTHING!"

To which the husband replies, "Well, it was worth a shot, it's done wonders for your ass since I've met you!"


Aggressiveness is in the eye of the beholder.

Until he punches you in the face. Then aggressiveness is inbetween the eyes of the beholder.


I am proud to call myself a vegan!

But only in-between meals.


I like my breaks at work like I like a woman's legs

Long and with something to eat in-between.


How was the first copper wire made?

Someone threw a penny inbetween two Jew's


Dad asks son if he likes going to school

Son:Ilove going to school and I love going home after school, I just don't like what's inbetween


Why is Steve Jobs middle child unemployed?

Because he's always inbetween jobs.


There was a paradox...

And ***Theseus*** parked his ***ship*** right in-between them. 😂


Why did God put hairs inbetween butt cheeks?


A man fell from the 4th storey and wedged a window inbetween his buttcheeks before landing on the ground.

It was a pane in the ass.


What's six inches long & extremely scary? The gap inbetween a retards eyes.


What's a 6.9?

2 feminists with a period inbetween.


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