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I had a Yoga teacher when I was younger and he was always drunk and touched me inappropriately,

He put me in an awkward position.

I used to date an English teacher...

...but she dumped me for inappropriate use of the colon.

My teacher always touched me in inappropriate places.

The kitchen...the living room....
I hated being homeschooled.

Mr. Rogers the biology teacher called on Mary

"Can you tell me the part of the body that, under the right conditions expands upto 6 times it's normal size?"
Mary gasped and said in a huff, " Mr. Rogers! That is a very inappropriate question. The principal will be hearing of this. " She sat down red faced.
"Susan, can you tell me the answer?" asked Mr. Rogers.
"The pupil of the eye, under dark conditions." said Susan.
"That is correct. Now Mary, I have three things to say to you, Firstly, You have not studied your lesson.
Secondly, You have a dirty mind. And Third, boy are you going to be disappointed someday."

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