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A man went to water his garden...

He didn't have a hose or a watering can, so he improvised by filling a bucket with water and throwing it all over the garden. However, when he did so, the water only landed on every other plant.

Shocked, the man threw his arms up in the air and shouted "water the odds!?"


TIL that Funimation has an unreleased Dragon Ball Z episode where they just improved the whole script.

Oops. Wrong dub.

(Real oops. Meant to type improvised)


I raise you the joke my sister improvised when she was 7 and I was 10.

We were playing Star Wars. She was Leia and I was Darth Vader, obv.

Me: What have you done with the Death Star Plans??
Her: They're over there in that little box?
Me: How could a disc for in that little box?
Her: It was a floppy disc.


I'm starting a comedy troupe that wears masks and does improvised sketches in coffee shops

It's called Commedia de Lattè


What do you call Steve Winwood's band doing improvised music?

A Traffic Jam


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