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arm's length

what do you call it when an Italian has one arm shorter than the other?
a speech impediment

A little girl walks into a pet store...

and says, "I'd wike a wabbit pweathe."

The salesperson laughs and mimics the little girl's speech impediment. "Of courthe! Do you want a widdle bwown wabbit, a bwack wabbit, or a thpotted wabbit?"

The little girl says, "I don't think my thnake giveth a thit what color the wabbit ith."

Halloween Pirate Joke

Little Johnny dressed up as a pirate. He rang the first door bell and a woman answered. "Hello!" she said. "What are you dressed up as?" Johnny replies (with his speech impediment), "A birate." "A what?" asked the woman. "A BIRATE!" said Johnny. The woman replied, "Oh, you mean a pirate. Well tell me Mr. Pirate, where are your bucannears?" Johnny looked at her weirdly and said, "They're on my buckin' HEAD!"

Impediment joke, Halloween Pirate Joke

How is a speech impediment like a box of chocolates?

It doesn't really matter, as long as it has good cocoa content.

A kid with a speech impediment spends his entire childhood in speech therapy.


What does a massage therapist with a speech impediment who moonlights as a dubstep dj do all day?

Wub, wub, wubs.

My friend's Italian mom recently broke her collarbone skiing, and has very limited movement in her left arm.

She says the main problem is the speech impediment.

Impediment joke, My friend's Italian mom recently broke her collarbone skiing, and has very limited movement in her l

What does a dog with a speech impediment study?


What do you call a preppy girl with a speech impediment?

A babbling Brook

My dog never listens to me, and I think he might have a speech impediment...

He keeps balking at me when I try to tell him to be quiet

What do you call it when a fruit studders?

A peach impediment.

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Some people seem to tell me I have a speech ingredient...


I wrote a book about a transsexual with a speech impediment

It's called Man or Myth

Ever hear that black people have a speech impediment?

Not true, its just a myff.

As a person with a speech impediment, I enjoy telling online jokes

They're more of my type.

What Do You Call Nazis With A Speech Impediment?

The Alt-White.

Impediment joke, What Do You Call Nazis With A Speech Impediment?

What do you call an Italian with only one hand?

Speech impediment.

What does an Italian have when he is missing one arm?

A severe speech impediment.

Why did the janitor with a speech impediment miss his shift?

He overswept

I think my dog has a speech impediment but I'll never know for sure.

He only marks when I'm not home.

Drinking with a speech impediment

Its Whiskey business

I had to give a talk the other day and my microphone wouldn't work.

It was a real speech impediment.

What do you call a man with no arms, no legs, with a speech impediment living under the sink?


What did the man with a speech impediment name his boat

The S.S. Stutter

What sits in a tree and goes "Ahhh!"?

An owl with a speech impediment

Why did the magician with a speech impediment buy a candy bar?

Because he wanted to have a few Twix up his sleeve.

What goes quack, quack, quack?

A junkie with a speech impediment

What do you call an overly emotional tree with a speech impediment?


What did the child with the speech impediment say when he used basketball slang to tell his friend, Johnson, to score a basket?

Dwain the rock, Johnson!

My parents have a serious speech impediment problem

They could never say I love you

What do you call maple syrup with a speech impediment?

Mrs. Stuttersworth.

What did the Klansman with a speech impediment say after he was kicked out of the KKK for having minority grandparents?


What do people with a speech impediment play on guitar


I can't tell if my neighbor is racist or has a speech impediment.

He had a party over the weekend and when I asked him how it was, he said "It was all white".

What do you call a mentally disadvantaged kud with a speech impediment?


Why was the dyslexic Russian politician with a speech impediment arrested?

Because he was ligging erections

At work, during downtime, if I get asked to clean, I often say this:

I'm like an insomniac with a speech impediment: I don't sweep.

A boy had a speech impediment and is unable to articulate anything more than the letters of the alphabet.

He opens his wallet, only to sadly exclaim:


What do you call a man with no arms, no legs, and who has a speech impediment?

His name.

And you should probably be ashamed of yourself.

What does an Italian have if he's born with one arm shorter than the other ?

A speech impediment.

Everything in the world is easier said than done

Unless you have a speech impediment

Just finished a great book about a transvestite who has a speech impediment.

The title is "Man or Myth."

Did you hear about the Mormon cat with a speech impediment?

He had nine wives.

What is the worst thing to need as a scientist with a speech impediment?

a physicist's assistance

What did the magician with a speech impediment say to the fisherman?

Pick a cod, any cod.

What would you call it when an Italian has one arm shorter than the other?

A speech impediment.

What is it called when an Italian has no hands?

A speech impediment

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