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I just explained Google images to my mum...

"Pick anything to search for" I told her.
"What about a nice cream pie?" She asked.

"Except that." I replied.

I like my women how I like my stock images...

Rights free

I accidentally washed my cameras memory card.

Thankfully it still works but now all my images are watermarked.

Images joke, I accidentally washed my cameras memory card.

I found an archived file of pornographic images today.


Being a doctor and a married man with kids, it feels like I'm living two lives.

In one life there's medicine, scarring images and long, painful hours.

And in the other life I'm a doctor.

I need someone good with photography to brighten all my images for me.

Hoping you'll do it for the exposure.

I googled Gary Oldman for some info, I was met with some heavily graphic images

My bad, I forgot the 'r'.

Images joke, I googled Gary Oldman for some info, I was met with some heavily graphic images

Why aren't digital images of Bob Marley scalable?

Because they're all rasta graphics.

In honour of St Patrick's day, can you guess my Irish name?

Pat MiGroin.

Yeah, my grandpa just told me that one...some visual images cannot be unseen.

If you search "pig" on Google Images, every image has the same file type.

They're all .jpigs.

My girlfriend Mel just showed me a photo album full of all her self shot images she's taken over the years

She says it's her Melfie folder

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Sometimes when I'm bored I'll convert vector images into bitmaps

But I really should stop procrasternating.

I want to make a Russian coffee table book based on sex positions using cross stitch images. I will call it...

The commie suture.

Where do Italians get their stock photos from?

Spaghetti Images

I once tried looking for images of Gary Oldman on Google

I had quite a shock when I realised I had forgotten the 'r' in Gary

Terrorists have been saying they'll horizontally expand images of their foes.

The threat is being blown out of proportion.

Images joke, Terrorists have been saying they'll horizontally expand images of their foes.

I hate what toys do to girls' body images.

Real girls don't have smaller girls inside of them with smaller girls inside of them...

I read that Apple has been leaking images of a new device marketed towards women.

They're calling it the Max iPad

Before and After images could also be called

New Look, Same Great Taste

What is the difference between and ?

There isn't one. They both host still images.

What did the man with depression images in his head say

Be Gone Thought (β˜žοΎŸβˆ€οΎŸ)☞

I found images of Olym!

I'll upload them in four years.
Olym Pics hype!

My local fishmonger was arrested the other day

Police found hundreds of photos of him in compromising positions with fish from his shop.

He's being charged with possession of prawnographic images

bad IT humor: This new browser I'm using makes all my fonts impossible to read, and my images won't show up....

It renders all my pages useless!

I was looking for a box on Getty Images earlier....

All I could find was some seasoning

Where do pregnant chickens keep their ultrascan images?

In a photo albumen.


Funny Images At 7-Eleven's "Bring Your Own Container" Slurpee Day |

I don't think Muslims go far enough in killing people who draw images of the prophet Mohammed.

I think they should kill people who are named
after him as well.

Actual conversation with Country Harvest about the launch of their new website.

Agent: Yeah so we're gonna need you to slice up those images and tag the categories.

Web Developer: Ok what about the products?

Agent: Put them in a box.

Web Developer: And the sub nav?

Agent: Yes, use breadcrumbs.

Web Developer: Ok great.

Agent: Let me know if any problems arise, we gotta get this wrapped up by this afternoon or we're toast!

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