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My doctor asked me if any of my family members suffered from mental illnesses

I said no, they all seem to enjoy it.

What is the worst combination of illnesses? - Alzheimer's and diarrhea.

You're running, but can't remember where.

Homosexuality is not natural!

Just like healing illnesses by touch, walking over water and raising from the dead after a few days.

Homosexuality is a miracle.

TIL Although Hansel and Gretel were able to evade being eaten, they developed 99 illnesses due to the fact that they lived in the candy house for over a month...

They got 99 problems but a witch ain't one.

I have 6 mental illnesses

Schizophrenia, OCD, ADHD, dislexia, anxiety, and hypochondria.

Lobotomy is the solution for all mental illnesses

It's a no brainer

Asked a friend what people called illnesses back in the day.

He said God's Wrath.

Illnesses joke, Asked a friend what people called illnesses back in the day.

Earworms are mental illnesses.

And I'm down with the sickness.

How do you keep yourself from getting food borne illnesses?

Use condoments

What do people with chronic illnesses and parents of h**... addicts have in common?

They can never find a spoon when they need one.

What do s**... b**... and Dr Phil patients have in common?

Both blow up because of mental illnesses.

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