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  1. A boomer, a millennial and a zoomer walk into a bar That's right- Gen X just got ignored again.
  2. My girlfriend treats me like God She ignores my existence and only talks to me when she needs something.
  3. Too soon for COVID jokes? COVID is like fashion…
    We started hearing about it in Italy…
    Became popular in LA and NYC…
    Florida ignored it…
    And it was all made in China in the end.
  4. My daughter just got me good… I said, Did you know you can always see your own nose and your brain just ignores it? She said yeah because it nose it's there
  5. Interviewer: What's your greatest weakness? Me: Answering the semantics of a question but ignoring the pragmatics
    Interviewer: Could you give me an example?
    Me: Yes I could
  6. My caller id said "private caller", so I ignored it. I only pick up if it says "lieutenant caller" or higher.
  7. My grandpa tried to warn everyone The titanic was gonna sink. When everyone just ignored him, he yelled at them three more times, eventually they got irritated and kicked him out of the theater.
  8. Growing up, my dad said we should treat him like a god... we pretty much ignored him until we were sick, hurt, or broke.
  9. Arguing with a woman is like reading a software license agreement. In the end you ignore it all and just click "I agree"
  10. My wife and I use the pull-out method for birth control .... we pull out our phones and ignore each other all night.

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Ignore Me One Liners

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  1. If someone calls you Fat, just ignore them. You are bigger than that!
  2. Pro-Tip: If a girl in a hot bikini DMs you about crypto Ignore him.
  3. People treat me like a god They ignore my existence unless they need something
  4. Why did the Mexicans ignore the "No Trespassing" sign? It was just the two of them.
  5. Women treat me like God. My existence is ignored except for when they need something.
  6. At home, they treat me like God. I'm generally ignored until someone wants something.
  7. My wife treats me like God, she ignores me until she wants something
  8. i tried to ignore my girlfriend's bulimia but she kept bringing it back up
  9. Women treat me like a god They ignore me till they need something
  10. My girlfriend treats me like a god She ignores me till she wants to ask for something
  11. I get ignored so much. My name should be Terms and Conditions.
  12. People treat me like a god. They ignore my existence unless they want something from me.
  13. I made some fish tacos but they just ignored them and swam away.
  14. Americans may be ignorant of other cultures... But at least we invented the hamburger
  15. If someone calls you fat, ignore them You're bigger than that

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It's s**... when girls say they can't find a guy, yet they ignore me.

It's like saying you're hungry when there's a hotdog on the ground outside.

My love for you is like a candle.

If you ignore me I will burn your house down.

People treat me like a god

They ignore me until they need me.

Before our marriage when my wife told me that she's a cat person, I should have realized that...

..... for the rest of my life she's gonna sit on the other side of the bed & ignore me all day.

My friends treat me like a god

They ignore me untill they need something from me

Doctor, I have a feeling people ignore me...

- Doctor, I have a feeling people ignore me...
- Next, please

Hello, Doctor. I have a problem - people ignore me...

- Next.

People treat me like a god

They ignore me until they want something.


Today you ignore me because I'm a potato
One day I'll french fries and you I'll craze for me

They say you don't really notice your own mistakes

Maybe that's why my parents ignore me