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  1. A guard asks a woman on death row what she'd like for her final meal. idk, what do you want?
  2. A tree falls on a woman. Does it make a sound? Idk. The better question is why is there a tree in the kitchen?
  3. How do we know the toothbrush was invented in west virginia? if it was invented anywhere else it would be the teethbrush
  4. My step sis asked me to bring her something hard to write on... Idk why she's so mad, it's really hard to write on scrambled eggs.
  5. Why can't pirates sing the alphabet? Because they get lost at sea!
    (My friend told me this idk if someone else posted before)
  6. Why did all of the Pizza chains fall? Idk, I guess it was a Domino effect
    I'm so sorry....
  7. What do you call Bob the builder during a recession? Bob
    (I'm sorry idk why, but I had to post this)
  8. 'Dad, how much did it cost for you and mom to get married?' Dad's reply: idk I'm still paying.
  9. Can someone please tell me what TBH IDK mean? and please stop saying to be honest i don't know
  10. My best friend died after we couldn't remember his blood type He kept saying, "Be positive" but idk man it's been hard without him...

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  1. What does idk stand for? I've asked lots of people but nobody seems to know.
  2. What does idk stand for? Literally everyone I ask doesn't know.
  3. What does "IDK" mean? I keep asking people, but they don't know either.
  4. Why did the plant-based chicken cross the road? Idk, it's beyond meat.
  5. I keep asking people what IDK stands for But nobody seems to know...
  6. People ask me why I don't like spoons. Idk why really. They just seem pointless to me.
  7. whats the difference between ignorance and apathy? idk and idc
  8. How much time does it take to grill a baby Idk, i close my eyes when I'm fapping
  9. What did the frenchman say to the other frenchman Idk I don't speak french
  10. What did the handless kid get for Christmas? Idk, he couldnt open it
  11. What is Tiger Woods' spirit animal? Idk, but his wife said he was a Cheetah
  12. what do would happen if pigs could fly? idk but the price of bacon would Skyrocket
  13. What do you get when you can't spell kid? idk
  14. I asked Google what is "idk"? And even Google doesn't know.
  15. Why should you never punch a mall Santa? Idk, security wouldn't tell me

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When I was 16 my bestfriend got super mad at me once and wouldnt talk to me for nearly 4 months for smelling his sisters underwear.

Idk if it was because she was still wearing them or that there was a lot of people around us, but either way, it made the rest of the f**... super awkward

I found out that the girl I'm dating is a gold digger

Idk how to tell her but I don't like gold diggers. It's not safe for her mentally as well as physically and the mine she works at doesn't give them health insurance or anything. What should I do?

Two guys moving a futon to the 100th floor(this is a joke in my native language idk how good it can be translated)

Two guys moving a futon to the 100th floor.
At the 25th floor:
1st guy:
2nd guy: Tell me when we arrive
At the 50th floor:
1st guy:T..thi...
2nd guy: Tell me when we arrive we dont have time
At the 100th floor:
2nd guy: So what did u want to tell me?
1st guy:T..this is the wrong hotel

I heard this joke today for the first time, it might be repost/an old one (idk), but here it is

Teacher: Why are you late?
Student: There was a man who lost a hundred dollar bill.

Teacher: That's nice. Were you helping him look for it?
Student: No. I was standing on it.

During prayer request I asked the preacher to pray for my hearing.

He decided to bring me up in front of the church anoint me with oil and have the elders lay hands and pray over me.
When they finished the Precher asked how's my hearing?
I said idk it isn't til next week.

3 guys are sleeping in a bed

the next morning the one sleeping on the right side of the bed said "I had this awsome dream that i was getting a h**...." The guy sleeping on the left side said "Really? I had a dream i was getting a h**... too." The guy that was sleeping in the middle said "idk about you guys, but i had a dream i was skiing"

A Text From Mom

A mom sent a text to her son...
Hi! Son, what does IDK, LY, & TTYL mean?
The son replied: I Don't Know, Love You, & Talk To You Later.
The mom replied back to him: It's ok, don't worry about it. I'll ask your sister, love you too.

I literally just last week realized there is no such thing as "the heavy end" 🤦

I am a 28 year old male, and for as long as I can remember every time me and my dad move something, such as a chair, or a couch, or a coffee table, he said "alright I'll get the heavy end" and idk why I always just assumed he was being nice and getting the heavier side.
And it literally just occurred to me within the last few weeks when we picked something up, there's no heavy end. They're both the same weight 😭😭😭

What s**... position leads to ugly babies?

Idk ask your mom

Um idk what to write so hi

A flight attendant sees a man watching a movie she sees he is only using captions so she walks up to him
Flight attendant: Hello would you like some headphones
Man: Of course i would but how did you know my name was phones?

Idk my daughter totally got me today and it was quite funny

"I've got something in my mouth!"
"No you don't."
"I've got something in my mooouuuth"
"No you don't, you better not" *turns around in passenger seat of car to look at her*
"See!!! It's my tongue!!!"
...little s**... bird.
She is 3 years old and we were on our way to the hospital for her chemotherapy treatment. My daughter will become either a nurse, Dr, or a comedian when she is grown.

idk what to put the title as

A man buys a lie detector robot that slaps people who lie.........
The man decided to try it out at dinner.
Dad: Son, where were you during school hours?
Son: At school
*The robot slaps the son*
Son: OK! I was at my friend's house watching a DVD
Dad: Which one?
Son: Kung Fu Panda
*The robot slaps the son again.*
Son: Ok! It was an e**... movie.
Dad: What!? When I was your age I didn't even know what an e**... movie was.
*The robot slaps the dad.*
Mom: HAHAHAHA. He is your son after all!
*The robot slaps the mom.*

This is a portuguese joke so idk how well it will be in English but...

A man orders rice and beans in a restaurant. When his meal comes he notices a little fiber in his food and tells the waiter. The waiter then explains theres nothing to worry about, its just from the sack of beans. However the man still insists on getting another plate. The waiter, complying, yells out to the chef "yo beans, make another plate".

Me: Hey Siri, I lost my Job.

Siri: That's bad, do you want me to tell a joke to cheer you up?
Me: Sure, go ahead.
Siri: What's the difference between a You and Large Pizza?
Me: Idk
Siri: A large pizza can feed a family.

Bought sneakers from my drug dealer

Idk what he laced them with, but I been trippin for hours

Generation gap

A mum texts, Hi! Son, what do IDK, LY and TTYL mean?
He texts back, I don't know, love you and talk to you later.
The mother replies, It's OK, don't worry about it. I'll ask your sister. Love you too.

How about we cut the bread *before* we sell it?

Wow! that's the greatest idea since... uh since... idk.

Women are like newspapers

There's a new issue everyday
Idk if this has been posted before but here you go.

Guard: "What would you like for your last meal?"

Woman: "Idk, what do you want?"

Inspector: What do you see ?

Sub-inspector: Idk why but, the suspect is dancing n**... in the middle of the street
Inspector: copy that

Sub-inspector: I'm not much of a dancer, but I'll try my best.

What does a rotting corpse say?


What does IDK mean?

My Dad: What does IDK mean?
Me: I don't know.
My Dad: Ugh! Nobody does!

Idk where i heard it

A man flies to Australia, when he arrives the lady at the airport asks him if he has a criminal record, the man answers '**... are those still required?''

Which country's capital has the fastest growing population?

Ireland. Everday it's Dublin.

\*Idk if this has been on here yet. My co worker told me this and I about had a s**....\*

Was tuning the piano with my sister and I said...

This reminds me of the Soprano section in our school choir.
To which she responds, "How do you know if a Soprano is at the door?"
("IDK, How")
"She doesn't have the key and doesn't know when to come in."

I always confuse Idk with Idc

It's been so long I don't kare anymore

Never questioning lgbtq's ever again

They never give me a straight answer.
(Idk if this has been done or is overused pls I'm not a dad either I just like dad jokes)

Overthinking is probably better than underthinking

idk I haven't really thought about it

Idk if this one's been said but here you go. A man goes to the library and askes for a book about the best way to commit s**...

The librarian says frick off I know your not gonna return it.

How would a world without friction be?

Idk dude but I heard it's going to be slick!

What does Idk stand for?

Everyone I ask says they dont know

Idk if this has been done before, I thought of it today in gym class: what's a baby's favorite clothing brand?

Fruit of the w**...

What did the radioactive isotope say to the scientist?


The dad and son joke.

Son: "dad, how does it feel to have a beautiful son?"
Father: "Idk son, ask your grandfather"

Chuck Norris fell down from a 10 story building.

people start gathering around him, asking "what happened? what happened?"
Chuck: idk, I just got here

Have you heard of Apple's version of the Google Glass?

It's called the iBrowse.

I think this is OC but maybe it was stored in the back of my mind idk

Timmy came home complaining to his dad that he was being picked on and called gay at school by a boy named Johnny.

Dad: Punch him in the face next time he picks on you son, I won't be mad.
Timmy: Idk, he's kinda cute.

Um Idk

I went to Sawcon in Sugondeez and got ligma.

I can have s**... with my girlfriend for 1 hour and 30 seconds...

Thanks daylight savings!
(Idk if this has been posted here before :p)

Will February March?

No, but April May :')
Sorry, IDK if this was posted before.
And yes, I know it's bad.

I asked a friend, "What do TBH and IDK mean?"

He said, "To be honest, I don't know."

A biologist walks up to his friend and says

Biologist : Hey wanna hear a joke?
Friend : sure, go ahead
Biologist : bone of the upper arm
Friend : wow, that's humerus
(I'm not even a dad and idk if this counts as a dad joke but anyways thought of this while studying biology so had to post it)

Idk if someone has already told this one

I were walking during the night in a forest. Then suddenly, an wolf appeared in front of me. I told my friend, who lost his glasses: "Look, a wolf!"
"Where???" he screamed, while panicating.
"Nah, just a normal one"

Did you guys hear about the air freshener that works with mind control?

It makes scents if you think about it!
(Not my joke but idk where to give credit)

Idk why flies can walk on walls,

But when I do it I'm possessed and need an excorsicm.
Sick of people these days smh

What do you call someone that had potential to be great in highschool, but now has no friends, no career aspirations, and is satisfied with a menial job?

Idk what others would say, but I know my dad is refusing to call me "son"

I got a pair of jeans for a buck

Idk what it wanted jeans for, but I'm a charitable friend to animals.

Yesterday in karate class whenever we were supposed to punch left I punched right

.... *long pause*
"Idk I always mess up the punch line"

Why did the dog sit in the shade?

It didn't want to be a hotdog.
*ba dum tsss
*ba dum tish

[Late]If there's a blue house on the left and the red house is on the right where's the white house?

Idk they turned the lights off

After being an atheist for so long, I am now a catholic.

Idk. I just really like cats

I really hate the word "subcutaneous."

Idk, for some reason it just gets under my skin.

What do I do after I die?


Google isn't as smart as I thought it was.

I asked google what IDK meant and it said 'I don't know'

Girlfriend asked me for some time and distance

Idk what she wanted velocity for....

Me: The place with more tanks?

My GF: IDK, a war?
Me: An aquarium

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Idk its bigger number


IDK who thrusted their leg

but I got a kick out of it.

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