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In light of some recent idiotic questioning by reporters

A man is interviewed after his wife was swept away in a flood. The reporter asks "Were you close with your wife?" He responds, "No, we drifted apart recently."

The Unconditional Love Test

In order to find out whose love is truly unconditional.... lock both your wife & dog in the trunk of your car for approximately 15-30 minutes. When you open the trunk, who is excited to see you? That's your answer.

*DO NOT try this at home. This is a joke and I cannot be held responsible for any idiotic attempts at the aforementioned Unconditional Love Test.

What do you call a farming simulator
(Idiotic I know)

TIL that vaccines contain a small amount of mercury, a chemical component that leads to autism.

-Idiotic Soccer Mom, 2k16

What do you call an idiotic PopTart?


What do you call an idiotic smooch in the Middle East?

A Damascus

How do you make a hormone?

Or, as this joke was retold to me by my idiotic friend : "How do you make a prostitute upset?"

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