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That's what the prostitute said

Why were there only 49 contestants in the National Ebonics Beauty Pageant?

Nobody wanted to wear the sash that says "Idaho".

So a Latvian man went to Idaho

Because he died.

Idaho joke, So a Latvian man went to Idaho

How can you spot the prostitute at the Miss America pageant?

She's wearing a sash that says Idaho.

Picabo Street is a former World Cup alpine ski racer and model. When she was inducted into the National Ski Hall of Fame in 2004, her home town of Triumph, Idaho dedicated an entire wing of the local hospital to her.

It's called the Picabo ICU.

2 potatoes standing on the side of the road. How can you tell which one is the hooker?

The one wearing the sack that reads IDAHO

What do you call a potato on the street corner?


Idaho joke, What do you call a potato on the street corner?

What's the sluttiest state?


What do you call a group of people from Idaho?



Hemingway sitting in a joint in Idaho, drink in hand, summer 1961.
Two broads, a brunette and redhead, drift into the bar, see Hemingway.
They caper over, exchange a glance - Red says "So, big guy, we need to know. She says briefs, I say boxers. Which?".

Why are there only 49 Miss Black America contestants?

..Because none of them want to be Miss. Idaho

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Guess where my cheating girlfriend now lives?


How do you tell the difference between a normal potato from a slutty potato?

The slutty one has the sticker that reads Idaho.

Why are there only 49 entrants in the Ms. Black USA competition?

Nobody wants to be I-da-ho.

If Mississippi asked Missouri for her New Jersey, what would Delaware?

Idaho either, but Alaska!

Two potatoes are standing on the corner. How can you tell which one is the hooker?

The one with the sticker that says, "Idaho".

Idaho joke, Two potatoes are standing on the corner. How can you tell which one is the hooker?

What did Delaware?

Idaho. Alaska

Two potatoes on a street corner

There's two potatoes on a street corner. How can you tell which one is the prostitute? It's the one with the little sticker on it that says Idaho!

I took pi to Idaho, Kansas and Utah ....

My math teacher always told me to take it to three dismal places

What do call a gigolo from Idaho?

A spud muffin.

Which state declares she's a prostitute?


What do you get when you combine someone from Colorado and someone from Idaho?

A Baked Potato

What's a narcissistic hooker's favorite state?


Why is Wyoming so Windy?

Because Idaho Sucks and Nebraska Blows.

You see a dozen potatoes standing at a street corner... do you know which one is a prostitute?

It's the one screaming, "Idaho!"

Which state has the highest percentage of self-identifiying whores?


How can you tell which bag of potatoes is a prostitute?

It is the one labeled "I-DA-HO"

Sen. Franklin R. Lee of Idaho was instrumental in obtaining a 100-megawatt hydroelectric plant...

.. on the Givva River for the benefit of his hometown, Medea. When the plant was finished, the dedication plaque read:

> Frank Lee, Medea, Idaho, Givva Dam

What do you call slutty girls from Idaho?

Tater thots

What do people in Idaho say when they touch something hot?

Hot Potato.

What do people in Mexico say when they touch something hot?

Hot Tamale.

What about people in China?

Hot dog.

My buddy once told me that there isn't any state in the USA emptier than Iowa.

I told him "Idaho about that".

There are two potatoes standing on the sidewalk. How do you know which one is the prostitute?

The one with the sticker Idaho.

The best thing about the 80 mph speed limit in Idaho?

Makes it so much easier to leave

Why do pervs go to idaho

To eye da hoe

Two potatoes are standing on the street corner. How can you tell which one is the prostitute?

It has a sticker that says IDAHO.

(I'll hide under a rock now)

A cargo ship sank in the ocean. The cargo, Idaho potatoes and rubber penises, floated in the vicinity.

The Coast Guard had received a distress call, but a chopper arrived to find no ship in the water. Seeing the cargo strewn about on the water, they decided to send a diver down to look for the ship.

"I already know what kind of ship to look for," the diver told the chopper pilot.

"How could you possibly know what kind of ship it was?" replied the pilot.

"It was a dictatorship."

Apparently the temperature difference from 12PM to 12AM in Idaho ranges from 80 - 40

It's like night and day

If you see two potatoes standing on a street corner, how do you know which one is a prostitute?

It'll have a sticker that says "Idaho"

Why is there no privacy in Idaho?

The potatoes have eyes.

Alright, which of you fifty states is the prostitute


Pulled over

A prostitute gets pulled over. The cop asks "Where you're from?" She responds "Idaho". The cop says "I know you are, but where you're from?"

Mississippi lent missouri her new jersey so what did delaware?

idaho but alaska

What state has the largest amount of self made prostitutes?


When I passed through Nevada, all i saw were ho's. Then in Utah, I didnt see as many, but there were quite a few ho's if you looked. When I left Salt Lake City, the truth hit me like a brick when I crossed the border...


Two potatoes are standing on the street corner. How can you tell which one is the prostitute?

It's the one with the sticker that says IDAHO

National American beauty pageants should only have 49 participating states

Because no self-respecting woman should wear a sign saying Idaho

I was in Idaho last week, and found out what their state bird is.

A middle finger to liberals.

What did the prostitute say when asked her profession and state of residence?


Two potatoes stand on the street corner. How do you tell which one's the hooker?

It's the one with the sticker that says Idaho!


Sitting behind a couple of nuns at a baseball game, whose headgear partially blocked the view, three men decided to badger the nuns in an effort to get them to move. In a very loud voice, the first guy said, "I think I'm going to move to Utah, there are only 100 nuns living there." The second guy spoke up and said, "I want to go to Montana, there are only 50 nuns living there." The third guy said, "I want to go to Idaho, there are only 25 nuns living there." One of the nuns turned around, looked at the men, and in a very sweet, calm, voice said, "Why don't you go to hell. There aren't any nuns there."

What did Delaware?

Idaho, Alaska.

As soon as I finish my Minnesota.

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