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What do you call people who design icons in League of Legends?


I'm thinking of investing in a start-up company that produces religious icons.

I guess you could say that I'm engaging in idol speculation.

How will we create the next generation of fans for Star Wars icons like The Millenium Falcon?

Millennials f**...'.

My computer decided to replace all my icons to this weird yellow bubble with headphones...

The Audacity...

The Pope and the most renowned Rabbi are having a discussion...

...But neither of them speak a common language, and they want the meeting to be private. So the two icons decide to attempted to speak in their own signs to communicate.
The Pope starts by making a circular motion over with his hand
The Rabbi responds by pointing down at the ground
The Pope holds up 3 fingers
The Rabbi holds up 1
The Pope took out the wine and wafers
The Rabbi took out an apple
Then the two went their separate ways, the priests talked with the Pope and asked, "Well? What happened?" "He had me beat at every turn," The Pope responded, "I waved my hand around to say God is everywhere and he pointed down to say God is here, I held up 3 fingers to symbolize the Father, the Son, and The Holy Ghost, He held up one to say There is one God. I showed him the Body and Blood of Christ, and he showed me an Apple to remind me of Eve's original sin."
The Rabbi then went back to the other Rabbis and told of his experience "I don't quite know what happened," He said, "I waved his arm around to say 'Get out of here' so I pointed down to tell him I'm staying he gave me 3 seconds to get out so I gave him the finger, then he showed me his lunch so I showed him mine"

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