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Did you know that Iceland... only one sea away from Ireland?

Have you ever noticed that Ireland is just one sea away from....


I hope England beats Iceland...

Or they will be out of Europe twice this week!

England 1 - 2 Iceland

Credits to Iceland though, can't take that away.

An Icelander takes a trip to Norway but is worried because he doesn't speak the language.

His friend assures him that this shouldn't be a problem: just speak very slowly and the Norwegians will understand you perfectly fine. Once in Oslo the Icelander goes to a bar and tries to order a beer in very slow Icelandic:

"I... want... a... beer."

The bartender gives him a beer. It worked! After he finishes it, he tries to order another one. Again, very slowly:

"I... want... another... beer."

The bartender gives him another beer. Amazing! After a couple more beers, the Icelander decides to try a conversation:

"I... am... from... Iceland."

The bartender replies:

"Me…… too."

Snow White and the seven dwarfs go to see the pope.

Snowhite and the seven dwarfs go to see the pope. As Snow White talks to the pope, the dwarfs push Dopey in front and whisper, "Ask the question, Dopey, ask the question!" Dopey blushes, but the pope sees it and says, "Dopey, do you want to ask me a question?"

"Well, uhm... do you think they have *nuns* in *Iceland?*"

"Why sure", the pope goes, "I suppose there are some nuns in Iceland." But the dwarfs push Dopey in front again: "Ask the *whole* question, ask the *whole* question!" The pope sees it and says, "Dopey, do you want to ask me another question?"

"Yeah... do you think they have *black* nuns in Iceland?"

"I suppose there are some black nuns in iceland", answers the pope. "Ask the *whole* question, ask the *whole* question!" go the dwarfs. "Dopey, do you have another question for me?"

"Err, yes... do you think they have *little* black nuns in Iceland?"

The pope muses over this a bit, but finally decides "Nah... I really don't think they have little black nuns in Iceland."

And the dwarfs go: "Dopey screwed a penguin, Dopey screwed a penguin!"

If a woman from Cuba marries a man from Iceland

Are their children called ice cubes?

Even though the country is called Iceland, its winters are actually quite mild.

Guess they should have called it Chile

What do you call the kid of an Iceland and Cuban parents?

Ice cubes.

Why there is no musilms in Iceland ?

They all starved to death during Ramadan because the sun never sets.

The worlds best ninjas comes from Iceland

Anyone actually seen an Icelandic ninja?

Bobby Charlton was asked

Bobby Charlton was asked how he thought the England team of '66 would have fared against Iceland. " I think we'd have won 1-0 " he replied. "Only 1-0?" Said the reporter. "Yes," said Bobby. "Most of us are in our 70's now!"

Its weird how Ireland

is just one sea away from Iceland

Spain, England and Ireland walk into a bar

Iceland could not make it, he was still at the EuroΒ΄s

My dad is from Iceland and my mom is from Cuba


Iceland is supposed to be cheap

But Joe Hart couldn't save a thing.

Where do your eyes land first when you look at a world map?


Maradonna was asked by a reporter if his '86 national team could beat Iceland.

He replied "Yes, I think 1-0"

"Only 1-0?" asked the reporter.
Maradonna answers " yeah we are nearing our sixties"

If a girl from Iceland and a guy from Cuba have a kid...

Will he be an icecube?

Why is there no ice in Iceland?

Bc, they lost the recepie.

Did you know that having sex while drunk is illegal in Iceland?

Unfortunately, I'm not sure about if Asda have their own different rules

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