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Top 10 Funniest Ibuprofen Jokes and Puns

Why did Ibuprofen miss his friends?

Because Paracetamol on fire.

You be claimin that pain meds don't work

but Ibuprofen you wrong

"Doctor, I've listened to your advice, about getting my family involved in trying to help me recover."

He said, "Well, I've told you what the cures are. There are three. Two of them your children should have been able to aid you with, the third is sex."

"Yes," I said, "of that I am aware."

"So..." he began. "What does your son give you?"


"What does your daughter give you?"


"Then what does your wife give you?"

"A headache."

I tried to shuffle a pile of Ibuprofen

I guess drug dealing just isn't for me.

The inventor of ibuprofen, Stewart Adams, died today at 95 years old.

The priest got up to present the eulogy NSAID he was a lovely bloke.

What did Michael Scott say when the doctor prescribed him ibuprofen?

That's what she NSAID!

So an Italian light bulb walks into a bar...

The light bulb tells the bartender he needs ibuprofen. The bartender asks, "Why so?" The light bulb replies, "I'm a light headed!"

Marching band season? More like ibuprofen season.

At least I'll be an ibuprofessional by the time it's over.

The painkillers are in the top shelf...

If not, then i guess ibuprofen wrong

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