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At Hypochondriacs Anonymous....

The first step is admitting you don't have a problem.

Which disease hypochondriacs are sure that they don't have?


Not only do I have Cancer, MS, Parkinson's Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and Alzheimer's; I went to the Doctor today and he told me that I have another weird-named disease:


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I used to be a hypochondriac...

But I got sick of it.

My doctor told me I am suffering from Hypochondria.

I said "Oh Jesus, not that as well!"

I'm a hypochondriac...

Well, self-diagnosed.

I used to think I was a hypochondriac...

Till my shrink told me it was all in my head.

Hypochondria joke, I used to think I was a hypochondriac...

My doctor is concerned my hypochondria is getting worse

So he put me on stronger placebos.


Turns out I'm addicted to placebos. I thought I could quit any time, but then withdrawal made me psychosomatic and gave me hypochondria.

Why don't hypochondriacs...

Why don't hypochondriacs use lighters?

They're afraid of catching fire!

I thought I had hypochondria...

...turned out it was all in my head.

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I'm not a hypochondriac

I'm a self diagnosed hypochondriac

Why do hypochondriacs make for good chemical catalysts?

They overreact to all external stimuli!

My doctor just told me I've got hypochondria.

I said 'Oh no, not that as well.'

I have 6 mental illnesses

Schizophrenia, OCD, ADHD, dislexia, anxiety, and hypochondria.

My doctor called with my test results

"Just as you suspected, Mr. Johnson, you have hypochondria."

Hypochondria joke, My doctor called with my test results

A doctor will try to cure everything except...


Don't believe those with hypochondriasis.

They just *think* they have it.

My mother went to the doctor complaining of muscle pain, joint pain and frequent headaches

The doctor examined her and diagnosed her with hypochondria. She replied 'oh no, not that as well'.

What is the easiest condition to diagnose?

Hypochondria. If you think you have it, you are right.

I have a multitude of mental disorders.......

hypochondria being the most prevalent

I made a movie about hypochondria but nobody came to see it.

They shunned my depiction of a fictional affliction.

I'm a hypochondriac

I mean I'm self-diagnosing here but I know there's something wrong


I think I have that!

The doctor diagnosed me with hypochondria today.

I'm not surprised, I've had everything else.

A man visits the doctor...

And tells him some symptoms he's been experiencing.

Doctor: "Based on your description, you are suffering from hypochondria."

Patient: "I knew it!"

Hypochondria joke, A man visits the doctor...

I went to the doctor and he said...

"You've got hypochondria."

I said: "Oh no, not that as well!"

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