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Hunger Games.

Zimbabwe's favorite pastime.

I was lied to about the Hunger Games...

It's absolutely nothing like Top Chef.

Hunger Games : Mockingjay

For the last installments of the Hunger Games series, the director has decided to make a change. In the new movies, Philip Seymour Hoffman will unexpectedly be killed by the heroine.

Hunger Games joke, Hunger Games : Mockingjay

What do they call the Hunger Games in France?

Battle Royale with Cheese.

What do they call the Hunger Games in Ethiopia?


So Philip Seymour Hoffman is in the new Hunger Games . . .

If anything can bring him back, it's some powerful heroine.

I can't stop watching the Hunger Games movies...

...I have a heroine addiction.

Hunger Games joke, I can't stop watching the Hunger Games movies...

As a Harry Potter fan, I dream of going to Hogwarts.

My friend is a Narnia fan, and he's always wanted to go to Narnia.

My other friend is a Hunger Games fan, but he's good.

What human organ would survive the longest in the hunger games?

The liver

If you make fun of your significant other's love of Hunger Games are you....


Finally listened to the audiobook for "The Hunger Games".

In my opinion, the book was better.

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2016: Surely Donald Trump won't win

2017: He can't do that... right?

2018: I hope my district wins the Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games

Don't they play those in Africa?

To all my American friends: Happy hunger games...

May the odds be ever in your favor.

The Trump Years in a Nutshell

2016: Trump doesn't stand a chance.
2017: Trump's still trying?
2018: "Hey, are you guys going to watch the hunger games tonight? I hope my district wins"

Welcome to the first annual hunger games America.

Thank you to all the married cousins that voted for president snow.

Hunger Games joke, Welcome to the first annual hunger games America.

What do they call the Hunger Games in Japan?

Batteru Royaru with Chizu

The decided to reprint The hunger games.

Now it's called "A tour guide to Africa".

Nazis and Juggalos marching in DC on the same day reminds me of the Hunger Games...

With that said, may the odds be ever in your Faygo!

What is the most popular game in Ethiopia?

The hunger games

Movies appeal to either dog people or cat people.

For example the Hunger Games has more of a feline nature. There's a certain cat-ness to it.

Sean Carter never finished watching The Hunger Games movies.

Because in the end, they were all Mockingjay.

What do they call the Hunger Games in Africa?


If there's any doubt about what parts of The Hunger Games match the books, we can be sure at least one thing is true to the series; The sound played after someone dies during the games.

That's definitely cannon.

What do you call...

What do you call a succulent in the Hunger Games?

Cactus Everdeen

What was the Stalin's favorite game ?


Watching the Hunger Games...

...gave me PeetaSD.

What do you call Hunger Games in America?

Black Friday

Why does California like the Hunger Games?

It's always catching fire.

What is a communist's favourite movie?

Hunger Games

Do you know what they call sports in North Korea?

The Hunger Games

I just heard this dont know if its been posted before

Percy Jackson fans: i want to go to camp half blood

Harry Potter fans: i want to go to Hogwarts

Narnia fans: i want to go to Narnia

Hunger Games fans: im good

Why wasn't there animal abuse in the hunger games

Peeta didn't allow it

Is it just me, or is Hunger Games subliminal advertising for vegans?

Because every 5 seconds all I hear is *PETA!*

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