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What language does your stomach speak?


What did the Hungarian man say before he went to bed?

"I'm going to bed." Except he said it in Hungarian.

A Hungarian cockroach was telling terrible jokes at an open mic night. What do you do?


A Romanian tells a Hungarian a joke

Romanian:wanna hear a joke



Hungarian:i dont get it

Romanian:and you never will

How do they kill unwanted insects in the Hungarian capital?

With Budapesticide.

What do you call a Hungarian insect who won't leave siddhartha alone?

A Buddha-pest.

What do you call a Hungarian Composer with one leg shorter than the other?


Hungarian joke, What do you call a Hungarian Composer with one leg shorter than the other?

I got my ancestry results back and I'm part Welsh and Hungarian.

I am well hung

What did the Soviets say during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution?

Soviets:You're not you when you're Hungary. Have a tank.

My mom's Welsh and my dad's Hungarian

Her: What's that make you?

Me: Wel-hung

This Hungarian guy won't stop asking me for n**....

What a b**... pest.

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An immigration officer asks a drunk man if he's Hungarian

he says "yep, but my name's not a**..."

What do you get when you burn a Hungarian ghost?


Why aren't Hungarians worried about the prospect of starving in a Zombie apocalypse?

Well there will always be Ghoul hash.

My dad always says he's Welsh and Hungarian...

I guess that make me Well Hung

A group of Hungarian aristocrats lost their way hiking in the Alps...

> A group of Hungarian aristocrats lost their way hiking in the Alps.

>One of them, it is said, took out a map, and after studying it for a long time exclaimed: "Now I know where we are!"

>"Where?" asked the others.

>"See that big mountain right over there? *We are right on top of it.*"

George Gamow

Hungarian joke, A group of Hungarian aristocrats lost their way hiking in the Alps...

A man from Hungary is fighting a well-endowed German

It's a Hungarian vs. a Hung-a**...

Cold War Hungarian Joke

Communism is the noble struggle by the proletariat to overcome problems that only exist under Communism.

Spotify won't let me listen to any Hungarian composers for some reason

I feel so lisztless

My father is Hungarian and my mother is Welsh

That makes me well hung....

A pregnant h**...

A h**... said to her friend "I think I'm pregnant" "Have you had a check up?" said her friend. "No, I think he was Hungarian"

What is a rumor about the Hungarian prime minister called?

An Orban legend

Whats a rumor based on the Hungarian prime minister?

An Orban legend

Why couldn't the Hungarian programmer buy a third long?

Because he only had Forints!

Thank you thank you, tip your waiter.

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