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  1. A man was awarded a medal for his humility... Unfortunately, he got it taken away for wearing it.
  2. I am so perfect... ... I only have four flaws.
    1) I lack humility.
    b) I'm inconsistent.
    Finally, I can't count.
  3. Pence said that Trump show humility and contrition in the debate last night. Well, that's like looking for bones in an egg
  4. Humility is one of my best qualities. I'm probably the most humble person I know; I could talk about my humility for hours.

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  1. If there's one thing I'm better at than everyone else... It's humility.
  2. I want to write a book on Humility I am sure it will be a best seller
  3. The only thing I'm bad at is humility Because I'm so good at it
  4. What goes up and doesn't come down? My humility.
  5. Humility Humility is one of those things you can't really brag about having.

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Kim Kardashian arrives in India for the first time, she walks out of the airport, and to her surprise, everyone on the streets stops, turns towards her, and kneels in humility and reverence

Little did she know, they worship cows over there!

Two monks werewere discussing humility.

"I have been praying and fasting, meditating and studying religion for 20 years. I have finally reached the level of humility. I am truly a nothing." said one monk.
The other monk nodded gravely. "I too have spent my life devoted to serving God. I am also a nothing."
At that moment a janitor passed, holding his mop. Overhearing the conversation, and feeling quite spiritual, he interrupted. "You know what, i am also a nothing."
The monks looked away in disgust. "Who the h**... does he think he is to be a nothing???"

Trump walks into a bar and Is suprised to see the bartender is a genie

The genie says "what'll you have?" Trump says"give me something I'll regret in the morning" The genie gives him a conscience, empathy, and humility.

Humility joke, Pence said that Trump show humility and contrition in the debate last night.