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If you boil a funny bone it becomes a laughing stock.

That's pretty humerus.

It doesn't feel too funny when hit, so why is it called the "funny bone"?


Why is it called the "funny bone" when you hit your elbow on something and it tingles?

Because it's humerus.

Humerus joke, Why is it called the "funny bone" when you hit your elbow on something and it tingles?

Why is it called a funny bone?

Because its humerus!

True story: Two of the veterinarians at my place of employment amputated a dogs cancerous leg today.

As the junior Doctor brought the leg across the room, he shook it a little and made ghost noises.

the technician watching with me turned and said,

"I don't find that humerus"

Yesterday, someone tickled my bone...

...It wasnt Humerus

I was born with abnormally large arms....

...the doctor said I was very humerus

Humerus joke, I was born with abnormally large arms....

Today I broke my arm. My friend started laughing.

I don't see what was so *humerus* about that.

I'll be here all week.

You know what my favorite bone is?

The ulna. I'm sorry if you thought this joke would be humerus.

Joke: In my intro to archaeology lab, I had a pop-quiz about bones in the human body

I couldn't find that humerus either

Why did the skeleton laugh when he broke his arm?

He felt the situation was... humerus

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There's no such thing as the funny bone...

But I heard the upper arm is quite humerus.

I find puns about bones to be...

quite Humerus!

My friend broke one of his bones in a funny accident.

It was humerus.

[DAD JOKE] My friend and I like bone jokes...

...But this time, we want you to humerus.

a guy got bit by a shark in his upper arm

some people thought it was humerus

Humerus joke, a guy got bit by a shark in his upper arm

Doc, my leg bone is missing!

"You must be joking!"

"No doc, there's not a humerus bone in my body!'

"What's with your funny bone?"

"I don't know, but it's kinda humerus."

I met Ken Bone yesterday

I found him to be humerus.

My buddy Greg just lost both his arms...

He used to be such a cheery guy, so full of life ,but he hasn't laughed or smiled once at any of my jokes since his accident...

He doesn't have a single humerus bone in his body.

I had reconstructive bone surgery

It wasn't Humerus

Two teenagers snuck into a crypt at night. One tripped over a small bone and the other unashamedly laughed.

Can't blame him though, it was a little humerus.

I have a few bone jokes for you...

...but tibia honest, you probably won't find it all that humerus

Bones always make me laugh.

They're just so humerus!

^^I'll ^^^see ^^^^myself ^^^^^out

What is the funniest part of the human body?

It would be the humerus but something in the lungs is cilia

I knew a guy who broke his arm....

It was pretty humerus

TIFU by slipping in the shower and breaking my arm

At first I tried to laugh it off but soon realised that this wasn't humerus

A clown tripped and broke part of his arm during his act.

It was humerus.

Why did the clown break his arm?

It was humerus

Kirk breaks his arm and goes to see Doctor McCoy.

McCoy starts to snigger and says, "Well James, you may not be laughing on the outside, but on the inside you're cracking up!"

"Funny, Bones", replies Kirk with a smirk.

"Actually James", says McCoy, checking Kirk's arm, "your humerus!"

Why did the comedian steal the skeleton's arm bone?

He thought it would be humerus.

My friend broke his upper arm.

If you're wondering how this is a joke, it's not really. I just found it humerus.

Describe the funny bone.

It's rather humerus

What did the forearm and shoulder say to the elbow?


I made a joke about the bone of my upper arm

It was humerus

What did the skeleton say before dinner?

BONE appetit. His whole family found that HUMERUS.

A baby clown fell down and broke a bone.

The doctor told the baby clown's father that they broke the bone in between their shoulder and elbow.

The man laughs.

Why would you laugh!?

Its humerus.

I could tell you a joke about bones...

But some of you may not find it very humerus

How does a cannibal comedian practice comedy?

He uses different techniques to probe where the most humerus content is.

What is a comedic skeleton's best asset?

His humerus.

Why did everyone laugh at the skeleton?

Because he was humerus.

A skeleton lost his funny bone.

It was quite humerus.

I've stopped being funny ever since that accident

The doctors said I lost my humerus

At first, I wasn't embarrassed about the way I broke my arm

But I heard the doctors calling it a "humerus fracture"

What do field anthropologists and jokes subredditors have in common?

They dig around all day looking for some rare *humerus* discoveries only to find they've already been catalogued via Google search.

Workshop dad joke.

My wife never gets my jokes, so in my last will and testament I left her my arm bone, because I thought it would be humerus.

A biologist walks up to his friend and says

Biologist : Hey wanna hear a joke?
Friend : sure, go ahead
Biologist : bone of the upper arm
Friend : wow, that's humerus

(I'm not even a dad and idk if this counts as a dad joke but anyways thought of this while studying biology so had to post it)

Puns about your bones are generally humerus.

But puns about the eyes are even cornea.

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