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  1. Hugh Hefner Peacefully Passed Away From Natural Causes Today. Playmate Natural Causes could not be reached for comment.
  2. RIP Hugh Hefner Through his death, I'll be reaching for tissues in his honor for the rest of my life.
  3. A touching tribute to Hugh Hefner RIP Hugh Hefner - the man who taught a complete generation how to read a book with one hand!
  4. In one year we lost two great experts in black holes Stephen William Hawking and Hugh Marston Hefner
  5. September: I had one of the worst hurricane months on record and Hugh Hefner died. October: Hold my beer
  6. My girlfriend was upset with my impotence earlier today. She didn't understand it was half staff in honor of Hugh Hefner.
  7. What do Hugh Hefner and McDonald's have in common? They both put 80 year old meat in 18 year old buns
  8. what did m**... jagger say when he caught hugh hefner and dennis weaver in the bedroom together? hey, hugh, get off of mccloud.
  9. Did you hear p**... is featuring its first transgender playmate? Hugh Hefner would be rolling over in his grave....if he didn't have a kickstand!

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  1. I bet when Hugh Hefner dies... one will say he's in a better place.
  2. What did Hugh Hefner say when he got to heaven? meh
  3. When Hugh Hefner dies I don't think people will say he's in a better place.
  4. How many blondes does it take to change a diaper? Ask Hugh Hefner.
  5. The more the merrier? I hardly know them!
    - Hugh Hefner
  6. Did you hear about Hugh Hefner's memoir? It made the New York Times Breastseller List.
  7. R.I.P Rosie O'Donnell .... O'h, Hugh Hefner, sorry I thought you said HUGE HEFFER!
  8. Why does Hugh Hefner wear a captains hat? I guess he does a lot of motorboatin.
  9. For the first time, I'm having more s**... than Hugh Hefner
  10. Of course Hugh Hefner died on a Wednesday We call it h**... day for a reason.
  11. At least Hugh Hefner died doing what he loved. Having a s**....
  12. 42,000 people are having s**... at any given moment. In Hugh Hefner's house.
  13. p**... founder Hugh Hefner has died. Flags will be flown at full mast.

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Corniest joke I know.

Two friars decide to open up a business selling flowers in LA. They settup a booth right outside of Hugh Hefners p**... mansion. After about a week, their business wasnt going so well and it was also driving away people from the p**... mansion seeing two friars outside.
Eventually Hugh Hefner himself came out and put a stop to all of this.
The point of the story is: Only Hugh can prevent florist friars.
Badum psh

An order of monks are selling flowers...

...illegally on the lawn of the p**... Mansion, Hugh Hefner's property. Instead of calling the police, however, Hugh decides to spring into action and stop them himself. After an intense argument, the monks agree to leave peacefully. If it had been anybody else they would have gotten away with it; unfortunately for them, only Hugh can prevent florist friars.

Hugh Hefner

Today, famous p**... Hugh Hefner successfully managed to stop an order of monks from operating a business on his property. The police forced the friars to close down their stall, which was outside the p**... Mansion, where they had been selling flowers.
Said one friar, "Well if it was anyone else we could've gotten away with it, but unfortunately only Hugh can prevent florist friars.

Breaking news : ISIS has surrendered

As soon as they read that Hugh Hefner has died , they realized there won't be any more virgins left for them in heaven, and have laid down their arms and will lead peaceful lives with their current wives .

Some monks were selling flowers outside the p**... mansion

Hugh Hefner realises this and puts a stop to it as they are on his property and welcoming tourists. The local news catches wind of this and goes to interview the monks.
The reporter asks "do you think you will set up shop somewhere else?"
And the monks reply "oh yes, only Hugh can prevent florist friars."

Police responded to a call outside the p**... mansion.

Mr. Hefner called the police to remove a group of monks selling daisies out of an i**... roadside stand in front of the p**... mansion. A police spokesperson released a statement "we responded promptly to Mr. Hefner's call because as everybody knows, only Hugh can prevent florist friars."

A catholic church needs money...

So the council gets together and decide to start selling flowers. This business works very well until the florist across the street realized he was losing all of his business. So the florist calls in his friend Hugh Hefner and asks him to go talk to the priests. After a short discussion, they realize there are other ways of making money. Weeks later, the florist's business returns and everything is back to normal. Moral of the story: Hugh, and only Hugh, can prevent florist Friars.

A guy buys an old brass lamp at a flea market

He takes it home, and starts to clean it up. He rubs it a few times with a polishing cloth, and a genie pops out.
The guy says, "Hey, look at that, a genie. I get three wishes, right?
The genie says, "Sorry, no. People were wishing for all kinds of crazy stuff, so we had to cut it down. You get to choose from one of two wishes. You can wish for a better s**... life, or a better golf game.
The guy thinks about it for a bit, and says, "You know, my short game hasn't improved in years, no matter how hard I try. I'd like a better golf game."
The genie says, "Really? I haven't been at this genie thing for that long, but you are the first guy I've had who wanted a better golf game. You must get more chicks than Hugh Hefner.
"Oh, nothing like that."
"But still, you must be getting it two or three times a day."
"Be serious"
"Once a day at least"
"No, not that often"
"Well, what's your s**... life like?"
"I probably average once or twice a week."
"You're getting laid once or twice a week and you don't think that there's room for improvement?
The guy says, "Well, I think I do pretty well for a priest in a small town who doesn't drive."