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The Best Housekeeper Puns

My ex-wife was a great housekeeper

She kept the house.

So I finally got a housekeeper, it's my ex-wife.

She kept the house.

A rich couple lost all their money and was trying to think of ways to restore their fortunes.

The husband says to the wife if you learn to cook, we could get rid of the housekeeper

She laughed and replied if you learned to please me in bed, we could get rid of the gardener

I am a marvelous housekeeper.

Every time I leave a man I keep his house.

I quit the mafia to become a housekeeper

Now I'm a maid man.

My first wife was a great housekeeper.

She kept both houses

My ex-wife was a great housekeeper

When we got divorced she kept the house

Prince's housekeeper of 30 years was offered a job as a crime scene investigator.

She was considered highly qualified due to her decades of experience dusting for Prince.

A woman tells her friend: - I'm a perfect housekeeper!

...every time I divorce, I keep the house!

I woke up in the hotel room and the housekeeper was banging on the door, just banging.

Finally, I had to get up and let her out.

At night after a long power outage, the lights finally came back on in Charlize Theron's house.

When the lights returned, her housekeeper exclaimed:

Charlize, they're on!

My wife is an excellent housekeeper!

Kept the house after divorce...

I'm trying to convince my wife that we should become polygamists.

If we married a housekeeper, baby sitter, and landscaper, we wouldn't have to pay them.

Why did Helen Keller fire her housekeeper?

She left the plunger in the toilet.

I saw on the news Boy George's bearded dragon has attacked and bitten his housekeeper 6 times in the last month

I reckon he needs a calmer chameleon.

I posted an ad for a housekeeper last week.

Job description: Make my house great again

Nobody's called at all.

I was staying at a hotel when the housekeeper would not stop banging on the door

After a long time, I decided to get up and let her out

I forgot to tell my housekeeper about my guard dogs.

The dog ate my home worker.

In the mornings, after my housekeeper meticulously makes my bed, I like to ride my Peloton bike in the window of my high rise and literally look down my nose at people.

Why are wives also called a housekeeper?

Because after the divorce, they keep the house

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