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What are some Hospitalized jokes?

Kanye West was hospitalized...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the hospital staff at this difficult time.

In 1982 Elton John attended one of Queen's concerts, but was shortly hospitalized afterwards.

Turns out they found traces of Mercury in him.

A man was hospitalized after eating $10,000 in small bills

As of today, there was no change

I caught a friend betting on a hospitalized children's limbo contest...

When I confronted him, I asked, "HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?"

Did you hear about the guy who was hospitalized for swallowing 5 horse figurines?

His condition was stable.

What's the difference between an NFL player and football player?

When you pat an NFL player on the shoulder, they feel better. But the other gets hospitalized right away.

A man is hospitalized after a serious accident

Following his surgery, he says, "Doctor! I can't feel my legs!"

The doctor says, "I know. I amputated your arms."

Billy Joel was hospitalized last week.

He had a heart attack ack ack ack ack ack. You oughtta know by now.

My cousin was hospitalized for 3 months after a freak accident at a spaghetti factory..

Unfortunately, he pasta way

TIL: A man sued Quiznos after being hospitalized for an allergic reaction when he received another guests sandwich.

woops, wrong sub

Rapper 6ix9ine was beaten, kidnapped, robbed and hospitalized, now I think that's excessive.

They shoulda stopped before the hospitalized part.

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