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A man was hospitalized with 6 toy plastic horses up his ass

The doctors described his condition as stable.


one man six horses.

a man was hospitalized with six plastic horses inside him. The doctor described his condition as stable.


My cousin was hospitalized after shoving 28 small plastic horses in his rectum

Doctors described his condition as stable.


Kanye West was hospitalized...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the hospital staff at this difficult time.


A man was hospitalized with six plastic horses up his ass...

The doctor described his condition as stable.


A boy named Steve was being bullied by a boy named Billy.

Billy's parents were vegan, and one day Billy's father had a stroke out of nowhere, despite his healthy lifestyle.

Ever since Billy's dad was hospitalized after the stroke, Billy became very more and more aggressive to the point where he would bully Steve and hurl insults at him daily for no apparent reason.

One day, Billy said to Steve: "Hey, why are you such a dick? Oh right, you are what you eat."

Steve replied: "Is that how your dad became a vegetable?"


In 1982 Elton John attended one of Queen's concerts, but was shortly hospitalized afterwards.

Turns out they found traces of Mercury in him.


Did you hear about the guy that was hospitalized with several plastic horses in his ass?

His condition is stable


Most painful experiences

Three men are in the wilderness around a campfire sharing their most painful experiences.
The first man says "I fell off of a 12 foot ladder, broke both my legs, and was hospitalized for 8 weeks"
The second man says "I was crossing the street and a car ran me over, but I got caught on it and was dragged face down for 5 miles."
The third man says "my second most painful experience was when I was hunting and needed to take a crap in the woods. So I went behind a bush and crouched down and WHAM! A bear trap snapped shut on my testicles."
Both the first and the second man say "well then what was the most painful?"
The third man calmly replies "oh, that would be when I reached the end of the chain"


A man was hospitalized after eating $10,000 in small bills

As of today, there was no change


I caught a friend betting on a hospitalized children's limbo contest...

When I confronted him, I asked, "HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?"


Did you hear about the guy who was hospitalized for swallowing 5 horse figurines?

His condition was stable.


What's the difference between an NFL player and football player?

When you pat an NFL player on the shoulder, they feel better. But the other gets hospitalized right away.


A man is hospitalized after a serious accident

Following his surgery, he says, "Doctor! I can't feel my legs!"

The doctor says, "I know. I amputated your arms."


Did you hear about the guy who was hospitalized with 6 plastic horses up his rectum?

He's alright now, his condition is stable.


Welcome to the eleven 'o clock news

I am your anchor Francis FullOfFrenchPeople. In today's highlights, a group of scientists were hospitalized when a monkey they had been running tests on in a lab got violent and started throwing flaming feces at them They were said to have suffered Turd Debris Burns.


Billy Joel was hospitalized last week.

He had a heart attack ack ack ack ack ack. You oughtta know by now.


My cousin was hospitalized for 3 months after a freak accident at a spaghetti factory..

Unfortunately, he pasta way


TIL: A man sued Quiznos after being hospitalized for an allergic reaction when he received another guests sandwich.

woops, wrong sub


Rapper 6ix9ine was beaten, kidnapped, robbed and hospitalized, now I think that's excessive.

They shoulda stopped before the hospitalized part.


A guy ran into a bar...

...he had to be hospitalized.


A guy walks into a bar...

...and is promptly hospitalized with a concussion.


I drank so much Kikkoman Sauce last night I had to be hospitalized

the Doctor diagnosed it as a Soysoning


Why was 10 hospitalized?

It was in the middle of 9 / 11.


A man was hospitalized with a huge plastic carrier up his ass!

No, it's not for real. Don't get carried away.


In The New Today: Rapper Rick Ross reportedly hospitalized due to a heart attack...

Apparently his last words were, HUHH!!


Amy Schumer hospitalized for severe kidney infection.

Vet says she'll make a full recovery.


A friend of mine was hospitalized for eating an entire extra large pizza

A friend of mine was hospitalized for eating an entire extra large pizza.

It was mine.


Did you hear what happened to Hillary Clinton?

She was hospitalized for 3rd degree Berns


Michael J Fox was sick and hospitalized over the weekend

Dr's say he'll be ok, he's shaking it off.


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