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How do you catch a slutty bee?

With a hornet.

NSFW - I was on vacation in Australia with my girlfriend

And we were sunbathing on a nudist beach.

All of a sudden a hornet flew down and stung her right on her special area. It immediately swelled up and turned a rather nasty colour.

I immediately rang the Australian helpline for insect stings.

"G'Day mate, what seems to be the bother?"
"Well, we were sunbathing nude and a hornet flew down and stung my girlfriend's crotch, and it's swollen up and turned a nasty colour, and I don't know what to do!"
"Bummer, mate."

A car salesman is showing some fine cars for sale...

A car salesman is showing some fine cars for sale, and the buyer is looking at them.

"Well, this one is a fine 1951 Hudson Hornet," says the car salesman.

The buyer gasps, "A Hudson HORNET? Well, I wouldn't want to see a Hudson Wasp!"

The salesman brushes it off and shows him the next car, "this is a Porsche Spyder."

Again, the buyer is aghast, "what is with car companies naming them after insects?! What's next, a Volkswagen Beetle?!"

what does a hornet an rain gear have in common?

Yellow jacket

Did you hear about the hornet who left home in search of the divine truth?

He's a bee-leaver

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