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Why do cows have hoofs?

Because they lactose


Baby camel asks his mother...

-mum,why do we have a hump?

-because,son,we need it to store water.

Baby camel thinks about it for 5 minutes and then says:

-mum,why are our eyelashes so long?

-because,son, they protect us from sand.

Baby again thinks for 5 minutes before it says:

-mum,why are our hoofs so big?

-because,son, our legs wouldn't fall into the sand.

After thinking for another 5 minutes,the baby camel says:

-Mum,what the fuck are we doing in a zoo then?!


A mailman is baffled at how to mail a letter addressed "to the greatest drummer in the world."

So what is he supposed to do? He's gotta send it. He hoofs it back to the post office, and shows it to his boss. The boss says, "come on man, send it to Chick Webb." So he does.

Chick Webb, the bandleader from Baltimore, sees the letter on his kitchen table and says, "Jesus! That can't be for me. I'm good, but come on. That's gotta be for Gene Krupa." He scribbles out his name, puts in Krupa's address, and sends it on.

Krupa gets a call on his tour of Europe, his housecleaner is calling to tell him he has a letter addressed to the greatest drummer in the world. Krupa, ever a soul of modesty, says, "Hell no, that is NOT for me. You go out and mail that letter to Buddy Rich."

A few days later, Buddy Rich gets the letter. Now you know Buddy Rich. The guy is insane. He's the top of the line. He's a black belt in karate, and he never hesitates to use it on fellow players if they screw up. His drumming is astounding. His groove is unparallelled. He takes one look at the letter and says, "you better believe that's for me!"

Buddy rips it open and begins to read. It says, "Dear Ringo..."


Why do cows have hoofs?

Because they lack toes


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