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It was getting cold out so my husband asked me for his hooded sweatshirt with the least amount of holes in it.

I brought it down to him saying, "here ya go. The evilest sweatshirt you have." He stared at me blankly. I said, "It's the least holey (holy) hoodie you own. So it has to be the most evil, right?"

**This is a real situation that just happened. He's an ironworker, so all of his work clothes have holes in them. He just facepalmed so hard when I made that joke I had to share. Sorry.

What do you call a reptile wearing a hoodie and holding a knife?

An alleygator.

My neighborhood is getting dangerous...

I was walking home the other night from the store with my hoodie on and the woman in front of me sped up, so I sped up. Then she started running so I started running to. I felt bad I passed her and left her behind. I never did see what we were running from.

Which article of clothing is the most ghetto?

A Hoodie.

Mark Zuckerberg refuses formal appearance before Parliament

Couldn't find a tux with a hoodie

Everyone keeps telling me to "move on"

But it's negative 10 degrees outside
and she stole my hoodie

What do you call a space alien in a hoodie?

Treyvon Martian

What was the cop's favorite shirt?

A pullover hoodie.

I got so drunk I blacked out for two hours

I couldn't snap out of it...Then I realized I'd just put my hoodie on backwards.

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