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A Priest, a Homosexual, and a Pedophile walk into a bar...

And he orders a beer.

A priest, a pedophile and a homosexual walk in to a bar...

And that was just the first guy.

If I were a homosexual Norse god...

I'd keep it Loki.

Homosexual joke, If I were a homosexual Norse god...

New band.

I'm starting a new band with 5 homosexual Mexicans.

Juan Direction.

A priest, a homosexual, and a paedophile walk into a bar......

And then a second guy walks in

What do you call a group of homosexual musicians from India who never get to play out?

A Gay Raj band

What do you call a Flaming Homosexual?

A hate crime.

Homosexual joke, What do you call a Flaming Homosexual?

Two homosexuals bumped into each other one day in Bondi Junction.

After their customary intimate greeting, one of them asked the other, "Fabian, have you stopped smoking?"

When Fabian replied in the affirmative, his chum asked him how he had managed to kick the habit.

Explained Fabian, "It was easy really. Everytime I felt like a cigarette, I`d just suck on a lifesaver."

Replied his friend, "Well - lucky you live near the beach."

The Human Genome Project had a breakthrough and isolated the genes that make someone homosexual.

They are skinny genes.

If 1 / 9 men are homosexual, does that mean that statistically, there is at least 1 gay man in my class?

If so then I hope it's Michael, he's cute.

Many homosexuals went into battle in World War I.

Only a few came out

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"There are three kinds of sex..."

"There's homosexual sex, for people who have sex at home, bisexual, for people who buy sex, and there's trisexualβ€”that's me, I'll try anything!"

Credit to Francis, the 80-year-old, flamboyantly hilarious artist I met on the train yesterday morning.

I want to handle the topic of traditional homosexual polygamy

Just like my four fathers did

TIL that Geneva has the biggest meeting place for Homosexual scientists in the world.

It's called the "Large Hardon Collider"

What did the polite homosexual man say to another at the bar?

Mind if I push your stool in for you?

What do you call homosexual Israelites?

Fruit Jews

Homosexual joke, What do you call homosexual Israelites?

What do you call a group of homosexual lions?

gay pride

What do Evangelical Christians and homosexual men have in common?

They're both butthurt over same-sex marriage legalization.

What language does a Jewish homosexual speak?


When a homosexual man becomes brain dead, is he a fruit or a vegetable?

Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is only found in two.

Help us get rid of the Ecuadorian fag-hating spider :(

What do you call an overweight homosexual?


What is a chinese homosexual videogamer called?

Gay Ming

A homosexual, a Pedophile and a Priest walk into a bar

The bartender asked him what he would like to drink.

Why are homosexuals usually so pale?

Because there's no light in the closet.

P.S: No, I'm not homophobic.

Did you hear about the homosexual magician?

He disappeared in a poof.

Saudi Arabia now supports euthanasia

Just proclaim you are homosexual

What do you call a group of well-endowed, homosexual physicists?

Large hardon colliders

Just found out that male lions sometimes engage in homosexual behavior.

Must have a lot of gay pride.

What's the difference between a drug dealer and a homosexual?

One's crack is in a junkie and the other's junk is in a crack.

What do you call a homosexual Frenchman?

A faguette.

"I'm into homosexual necrophilia."

...Tom said, in dead earnest.

Why aren't there any homosexual scholars?

Because they can't think straight.

I don't approve of the homosexual lifestyle...

but $50 is $50.

Why are there no homosexual traffic lights?

They can't change, even if they try.

My uncle was a homosexual magician

He could walk down the street and suddenly turn into a gay bar.

Then he'd disappear with a pouf.

A terrible homosexual

While getting absolutely destroyed in a video game, my buddy says "I'd be a terrible homosexual..." Confused, everyone stops and someone asks why.

"I mean look how bad I suck"

What do you call a homosexual Russian knight


Homosexuality is not natural!

Just like healing illnesses by touch, walking over water and raising from the dead after a few days.

Homosexuality is a miracle.

They say one in ten men are homosexual

In my group of friends I'm pretty sure it's Marc. He's really cute

I ran into a closet homosexual the other day

and walked out still gay

what do you call a homosexual dinosaur?

Megasorass. What do you call a lesbian dinosaur? A lickalotapus.

What do you a call a homosexual really good at SQL?

A queery

What do you call a homosexual reptile?


Homosexuality is a lot like smokin weed

I'd don't care if you're gay, just don't blow it in my face.

What do you call a a homosexual crocodile?

A gaytor

What do you call a homosexual Hispanic living in the United States? (NSFW)


Why did the insane asylum stop accepting homosexual patients?

They only had straight jackets.

The doctors think Icy Hot turned me into a homosexual

Jokes on them because I've Bengay

Have you heard about the homosexual wizard?

He disappeared with a poof

I asked my homosexual friend what he looked for in a man.

But I couldn't get a straight answer out of him...

My homosexual friend recently started using Grindr

He is so excited about it, he can hardly sit down.

What did the homosexual scientist do when he discovered that there is indeed a gay gene?

He bought a pair.

What's the difference between a drug-addict in Amsterdam and a homosexual in Iran?

Only one gets stoned and lives.

What's the difference between a homosexual and a glutton?

The former likes five guys, while the latter likes Five Guys.

Homosexuality in Russia is a crime, and the punishment is seven years in prison, locked up with hundreds of other men.

There is a three year waiting list.

Whats the difference between a refrigirator and homosexual?

A refrigirator doesn't fart when you pull your meat out.

Who is the only homosexual Russian to be knighted by the queen of England?


What's the difference between a chef and a homosexual?

One stirs today's food and the other stirs yesterday's.

What do you call a homosexual Muslim plant?


What do you call a homosexual Jew?


If a homosexual person goes into a coma

are they a fruit or a vegetable?

What do you call a flatulent homosexual boxer?

Gassius Gay

We just fell in love with the house we had to buy it

Oh so you're homosexual?

Flying lessons

A guy is telling his buddy about his flying lessons and the guy teaching him says he is Eigth degree black belt and a raging homosexual and if I don't succumb to his sexual advances I have to jump out of the plane. Buddy "Well did you jump?" "Yea a little at first"

Me and a friend go in a bar...

My friend who is homosexual was high, so he was looking zoned out.

The bartender asked why he looked confused. I said because he wasn't thinking straight.

Did you hear about the homosexual dyslexic zombie?

He was totally gay for Brians.

Homosexuality is found in over 150 different species, homophobia is only found in two.

We aren't doing enough to exterminate the fag-hating squirrel.

Where do you find a closeted dyslexic homosexual man?

He is in Daniel

Homosexuals have ruined threesomes for me.

Every time I have one, both of the other dudes turn out to be gay.

My friend, who studies mice, wanted a specific rodent to complete his collection.

He asked me to find one for him. I searched far and wide for a homosexual rodent of the Ming subspecies (that was his request).

After a few months, I found a rodent that matched his request. But when I gave it to him, he slapped me.

I was shocked. "Why did you slap me?", I asked out of frustration.

"You idiot! I asked you for a gaming mouse!!"

What did the funny biology teacher tell to his class full of homosexual students?

I'm a fungi and you're algae!

What is a homosexual person's favorite hot beverage?


What's the difference between a Rabbi and a homosexual man?

One says 'amen' and the other says 'ah, men'

Rumor has it there is a homosexual in our office.

I hope it's Craig he's really cute.

What do you call a homosexual police dog?

A Gay-9 unit

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