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If I were a homosexual Norse god...

I'd keep it Loki.

Two homosexuals bumped into each other one day in Bondi Junction.

After their customary intimate greeting, one of them asked the other, "Fabian, have you stopped smoking?"

When Fabian replied in the affirmative, his chum asked him how he had managed to kick the habit.

Explained Fabian, "It was easy really. Everytime I felt like a cigarette, I`d just suck on a lifesaver."

Replied his friend, "Well - lucky you live near the beach."

who says homosexuality isn't a decision?

i turn women gay all the time.

Homos joke, who says homosexuality isn't a decision?

Many homosexuals went into battle in World War I.

Only a few came out

Why were the two homosexual melons protesting at city hall?

Because they cantaloupe

What's a homosexuals favorite beer?


When a homosexual man becomes brain dead, is he a fruit or a vegetable?

Homos joke, When a homosexual man becomes brain dead, is he a fruit or a vegetable?

Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is only found in two.

Help us get rid of the Ecuadorian fag-hating spider :(

Homosexuals must be having a hard time in locker rooms.

[my original] Why have human fossils never been found in Iran?

Because homos in Iran do not exist.

A homosexual, a Pedophile and a Priest walk into a bar

The bartender asked him what he would like to drink.

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Why are homosexuals usually so pale?

Because there's no light in the closet.

P.S: No, I'm not homophobic.

Where did the homosexual Indian get his car fixed?

The Gay-Raj!

Where does a homosexual Southerner live?

In dick-sea land

"I'm into homosexual necrophilia."

...Tom said, in dead earnest.

Why aren't there any homosexual scholars?

Because they can't think straight.

Homos joke, Why aren't there any homosexual scholars?

Why are there no homosexual traffic lights?

They can't change, even if they try.

Homosexuality is not natural!

Just like healing illnesses by touch, walking over water and raising from the dead after a few days.

Homosexuality is a miracle.

Why was the homosexual doctor fired from the sperm bank?

Because he was caught drinking At work

Homosexual couples don't bother me.

Their biological children do.

Homosexuality is a lot like smokin weed

I'd don't care if you're gay, just don't blow it in my face.

Homosexuals are incapable of feeling love...

... None of my dads love me

Homosexuality or Abortion isn't unnatural in the eyes of God, but I know what would be.

Contact lenses

My homosexual friend recently started using Grindr

He is so excited about it, he can hardly sit down.

What did the homosexual scientist do when he discovered that there is indeed a gay gene?

He bought a pair.

You're not a homosexual when you kiss your homie goodnight...

Homosexuality in Russia is a crime, and the punishment is seven years in prison, locked up with hundreds of other men.

There is a three year waiting list.

i'm not homosexual

i'm homiesexual

Who is the only homosexual Russian to be knighted by the queen of England?


Why are homosexuals single-celled aquatic autotrophs.

It's because they're Al-gae

If a homosexual person goes into a coma

are they a fruit or a vegetable?

How does a homosexual Christian man end his evening prayers?

With Gay Men.

How many homosexuals does it take to change a light bulb?

Stop thinking of all of those gays in a dark room!

Why was the homosexual man fired from his job at the sperm bank?

He was caught drinking on the job

What did the homosexual priest say when he walked into a bar full of men?


Why was the homosexual high in Saudi Arabia?

Because thats where gays get stoned

How do you fit three homos on a bar stool?

You flip it upside down

How does a homosexual accountant save money?

With a 401-Gay!

I think I might be a homosexual

A list of girls in the order I dated them:

Homosexual people should have rights....

The rights to remain silent!

Why did the homosexual go surfing on Christmas?

Because he wanted to make the Yule tide gay.

You'll know homosexuality is fully accepted by society...

When rappers start bragging about how many dicks they sucked.

The history of human evolution is confusing...

There's so many *Homos*, it's hard to keep them all straight.

Homosexuality is found in over 150 different species, homophobia is only found in two.

We aren't doing enough to exterminate the fag-hating squirrel.

Homosexuals have ruined threesomes for me.

Every time I have one, both of the other dudes turn out to be gay.

What is a homosexual person's favorite hot beverage?


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