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What are some Homesick jokes?

Man walks into a bar and orders 4 beers.

Drinks them, and leaves.

Next week same time does the same thing: orders 4 beers, drinks them, and leaves.

The third week; same thing. The bartender is curious so he asks. "well, I moved here few weeks ago. Back home my 3 brothers and I met every Thursday after work for a beer. Since I was feeling homesick I figured I would keep up the tradition even if I had to do it alone."

This goes on for several weeks until one week the man comes in and orders three beers and a coke. Bartender says, "I hate to pry but what happened? Did one of your brothers pass away?"

The man chuckles and says, "No nothing like that. I decided to quit drinking."

What do you call a homesick Asian?


Did you know Chinese-Americans never get homesick!?

Because for them, everything here is homemade.


Hey, ever heard of the homesick, nymphomaniac Polynesian girl? Yeah, she kept longing for Samoa....

My roommate from California was homesick

So I stole his water bottle to make him feel more at home.


Husband talking to his wife: Honey im Homesick
Wife: What do you mean you are home
Husband: I know, Im sick of it.

What's brown and sticky?

A stick

What's brown, sticky and crawls up your leg?

A homesick poo.

Why is Santa always shouting "Ho! Ho! Ho!"?

He is homesick.

Feeling very homesick.

It has shingles.

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