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Top 10 Funniest Homeopathy Jokes and Puns

Using Homeopathy is really easy

There's literally nothing to it.

The problem with homeopathy...

There are way too many homeopaths out there. It would be a more effective field of study if homeopaths were thinned out a little, say 1 per 10 million people.

Actually I wanted to tell a joke about homeopathy.

But I don't think it works.

Homeopathy joke, Actually I wanted to tell a joke about homeopathy.

I was thinking about getting into the business of homeopathy.

But the market was too diluted.

Homeopathy and prayers work in the same way.

They don't.

Doctors who are practicing homeopathy will go on strike.

It will last five seconds.



Homeopathy joke, Homeopathy

I used to tell this great joke about homeopathy.

But I've told it so many times the humour has been diluted.

The problem with homeopathy is that

there are too many homeopaths. It would be more effective if they were thinned out a bit, say one homeopath per ten trillion people...

Mr. Bond is really getting into homeopathy...

He prefers his water shaken, not stirred.

If you are a homeopathy practitioner and someone make an emergency call, how would you save the patient's life?

By not giving him/her any medicine.

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I wrote a book about Homeopathy....

I named it 1001 uses of Alcohol.

Do you know what is just as effective as homeopathy?


Did you hear about the guy that overdosed on homeopathy medicine?

He forgot to take his pills.

Don't dismiss homeopathy.

It has been proven to reduce swelling of the wallet.

Homeopathy cured my dehydration.

Homeopathy joke, Homeopathy cured my dehydration.

Homeopathy weight loss tip:

Drink diluted water.

Homeopathy Doctors shall be called


I just passed my homeopathy exam, but it wasn't easy...

Couldn't concentrate

If you really want to get into homeopathy...

You must be diluted.

My wife has a book on homeopathy

I've only read the blurb on the back, but I think I know everything I need to know about it.

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