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  1. Of all the holidays that jehova witnesses should celebrate... ... You'd think halloween would be it. Knocking on strangers doors, how could they pass that up?!
  2. There's a new holiday in Russia called "National Sobriety Day" People are at a loss as to how to celebrate it.
  3. For the past couple of years, I have been saying that the only holidays worth celebrating are the equinoxes and the solstices. I find all of the others to be astronomically unimportant.
  4. Hanukkah is a truly Jewish holiday. What other group of people would celebrate saving on oil?
  5. It has always bothered me that Black Friday is the day after we celebrate Thanksgiving. It's 2018, do we really need segregated holidays?

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Holiday Celebrated One Liners

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  1. What Canadian holiday is celebrated on May 1st? Maple Fool's Day
  2. There's a holiday for me every week. But my parents still don't celebrate Sunday.
  3. What holiday do firefighters refuse to celebrate? May Day.
  4. What holiday do Christian cacti celebrate? SuccuLent
  5. What holiday can white people celebrate, but not black people? Father's Day
  6. Q: How did Albert Einstein celebrate Thanksgiving?
    A: He was very thinkful.
  7. When Superman wants vacation time it has to be approved by Chuck Norris.
  8. What do heavily-armored army vehicles celebrate for the holidays? tanksgiving
  9. What holiday do Jewish stoners celebrate? Marijuanukka.
  10. What holiday do Jewish bridges celebrate? Passover.
  11. What holiday does a Jewish s**... celebrate in December? Marijuanakkah

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The CDC recommends that f**... gatherings be limited to 30 people and holiday gatherings be limited to 6 people.

f**... proceedings for Gobbles the turkey will be held on November 26th and again on December 25th. Please bring beer to celebrate his life.

There is a Spanish family on holiday in England

When they are in England, the trains are packed and everyone is drunk and half n**.... Everywhere is mayhem and the little Spanish boy is confused why. "Dad, why is everyone celebrating, is there an event or something happening?" The dad replies, "The sun has come out."