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30 hola jokes and hilarious hola puns to laugh out loud. Read jokes about hola that are clean and suitable for kids and friends.

This article is full of funny Hola jokes in Spanish and French. Get ready to add some laughter to your conversations with these classic "Hola soy Dora" and "Bonjour" jokes. Learn how to get involved in the Spanish and French culture with these different jokes!

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Funniest Hola Short Jokes

Short hola jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The hola humour may include short bye jokes also.

  1. Spanish Dad Joke Dad: Son what are you drinking?
    Son: Soy Milk
    Dad: Hola Milk, me llamo Dad
  2. -What are you drinking, son? -Soy milk.
    -Hola milk, soy tu padre.
    Edit : Removed the "es" that was bothering everyone
  3. Father is talking with his son DAD: Whaddya got there, son?
    SON: Soy milk.
    DAD: Hola milk, soy tu padre.
  4. A man asks his son what he is drinking. The son responds, "soy milk."
    And the dad says, "hola leche. Me llamo Padre!"
  5. Salt: So nice to see you. Paprika: How do you do? Nutmeg: 'Sup.
    Garlic: Yo!
    Pepper: HI!
    Oregano: Hola.
    Seasons' Greetings everyone
  6. My neighbors all refer to me as The Lawnmower Whisperer. Talking with lawnmowers is quite simple, actually. All you have to do is say, ¿Hola, cómo estás, Juan?
  7. After a few long years of teaching, my disgruntled french teacher now finally retired Hola Amigo
  8. A Spanish teacher is at the grocery store- -and as he's shopping he sees a sign exclaiming "Soy milk!"
    So he stops and says, "Hola milk! Soy Ricardo!"
  9. A dad asked his son, hey son what are you drinking there? Son: Soy milk.
    Dad: Hola Milk, soy Dad.
  10. Why are historians so concerned with the historical prices of Spanish words? They're always talking about how much a *hola* costs.

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Hola One Liners

Which hola one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with hola? I can suggest the ones about howdy and goodbye.

  1. Dad joke..... Dad: what are you drinking, son?
    Son: Soy Milk
    Dad: Hola Milk, soy padre
  2. Father: Hey son what are you drinking? Son: Soy-milk
    Father: Hola milk, soy tu padre
  3. soy milk hola milk, soy papá
  4. What does a Dark Souls player say when they meet someone? ¿Hola, como Estus?
  5. Soy milk Hola milk
    Soy papa
  6. What did the Spannish Amoeba said to the other Amoebas? "Hola Amoebas!"
  7. Redimi2 - Bonita - Video Letra/Lyrics hola
  8. Hola It means hello jajaja
  9. Boy: Dad, Do We Have Any Soy Milk? Dad: Hola Milk, Soy Es Padre.
  10. What do Spanish terrorists scream? Hola-huackbar
  11. How do Chinese people say "hello" in Spanish? Hola.
  12. I met Jesus today... He said "Hola, welcome to Taco Bell!"
  13. How do you pick up older Spanish women? Hola Seniority

Hola joke, How do you pick up older Spanish women?

Ridiculous Hola Jokes to Spark Fun and Laughter

What funny jokes about hola you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean soy jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make hola pranks.

Dad joke

**Dad:** Whaddya got there son?
**Son:** Soy milk.
**Dad:** Hola milk, soy tu padre

Spanish Dad Joke

A mexican father and son were at the mall and the son finally convinced his dad to try Chinese food.
"But it's so dry!" said the father.
"No it's not, they put lots of stuff on their plates," replied the son.
"Like what?" the father asked.
"Soy Sauce" he answered.
The father stared for a minute and then said, "Hola Sauce... *soy Dad*"

A Bilingual mexican dad was getting ready for work...

...and saw his son eating some cereal, but instead of milk there was a strange milk-like substance that smelled funny.
Dad: "what've you got there, son?"
Son: "cereal with soy milk."
Dad: "Hola Milk, soy tu padre!"

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