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If minecraft taught me one thing...

It's to never spend diamonds on a h**....

Do you want to know why I called your girlfriend a tractor?

Because she's an upgrade to that h**... you had earlier.

If there's one thing minecraft has taught us

It's that you don't waste diamonds on a h**...

What does a Pirate say when they see a h**...?

Land h**...!

jokes about hoe

What do a gang member and a r**... have in common?

They both know how to throw a good h**... down.

What do pimps and farmers have in common?

They both need a h**... to stay in business.

My girlfriend told me there is no way you can turn a h**... into a housewife

I said "Yes you can". She said "How"?

I proposed.

h**... much does a chimney cost?

It's on the house

What does Santa say to bad girls?

h**... h**... h**...

What did the sailor say when he saw your mom?

LAND h**...

What's the difference between a farmer and a p**...?

The farmer makes an honest living with his h**...

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Two prostitutes meets at the bus to their corner.

"Hey h**..."

"Hey h**..."

"Off to work we go"

What Did The Male Mantis Say To The Female Mantis?

Male Mantis: Yo, h**..., I want some head.

Female Mantis: Me too.

Male Mantis: what

I have a gardening tool that I use to dig up large amounts of treasure

So yeah, I got a big b**... h**...

Why is chicken a h**...?

Because chicken strips.

What does a farmer, a p**..., and a bluegrass band all have in common?

They all know how to throw a h**... down.

(Disclaimer: I was exchanging dadjokes with our server at Krueger's in Cincinnati. He wrote this joke. Neil, if you're out there..cheers!)

There a 502 bricks in a plane, one falls out, how many bricks are left?


h**... do you put an elephant in a fridge?

Open the door, put the elephant in, shut the door

How do put a giraffe in a fridge?

Open the door, take the elephant out, put the giraffe in, close the door

The lion king invites all the animals to a party, but ones missing, what is it?

The giraffe, he's still in a fridge.

A girl swims across a crocodile infested river, but she still survives, how?

All the crocodiles are at the party

The girl still dies. How?

She gets hit on the head by a brick falling out of the sky

If y = f(x) means y is a function of x


being a lying a**... h**... = f(my(x))

should be an easy equation to understand

(My grandpa who passed away last year, famous joke) Why should you always keep your tools out of the rain?

Because nobody likes a rusty h**...

What did Santa Claus say when he heard Mrs Claus had been cheating on him?

h**... h**... h**...

I'm jealous of Santa...

...he can yell "h**... h**... h**..." at anyone and get away with it.

How did the pirate greet the p**...?

Yo, h**...!

A Father and Son were hard at work on their farm...

The Son dragged a h**... out of the shed and began working the field. He noticed that the h**... looked very old and worn out. It was practically falling apart, so he asked his Father "How long do you think this h**... will last?" His Father took one look at the h**... and shrugged. "I guess it depends on how much you pay her."

What do you get when you squeeze a s**... orange?

h**...- j

Santa walks into a nightclub...

"h**..., h**..., h**...."

How to have s**... in minecraft

Plant your seeds with a h**....

What did the dwarf p**... say to his working girl?

Hi h**..., hi h**.... It's off to work you go!

A feminist has taken legal action against a shopping mall Santa.

She claims he called her a h**... three times.

My wife would always nag me to do the gardening..

Eventually I had to put that h**... in the ground.

An Hammer had s**... with an h**....

They named their baby Homer

What did Blackbeard say to the girl who was dressed as a s**... pirate for Halloween?

"Land h**...!"

My girlfriend lives in Portland, she's my Maine h**...

But I got a girl in Boise who's my Sidaho

Last week, my mother needed help.

She told me to grab the little h**..., so I grabbed my sister.

What does Santa do in his garden?

h**..., h**..., h**...!

What do you call someone who wants to sleep with Santa Claus?

A h**... h**... h**...

"Old McDonald had some w**..."

"He high, He high h**..."

What did santa say when he took up gardening?

h**..., h**..., h**...!

What's the alternative name for a pickaxe?

Gold-digger h**...

Why did the p**... put his h**... in charge of his money?

It's the thot that counts.

New movie about a male p**...

h**... Malone

What do you call a h**... with no legs?

An incomplete thot.

Why do pervs go to idaho

To eye da h**...

Why did the farmer's wife file for divorce?

She came home to see him plowing with a h**....

What does a farmer care more about than his wife?

His h**...

What do you call a h**... that you use to stir a fire.

An ash h**....

How do you know if your girl is a h**...?

If all she is good for is slinging dirt.

Does the dead h**... in my shed...

...count as a garden h**...?

My homie only lets dudes use his lawnmower.

No h**... mow.

What do you call a lawncare company owned by a promiscuous lesbian?

h**... Mow

What has four legs and says "h**... de doe, h**... de doe"?

Two black guys trying to catch an elevator.

A girl sleeps with 3 dudes and gets called a "h**..."

A guy does the same and gets called "gay"...smh

What do you call a Math teacher that's a h**...?

It's the thot that counts.

What do you call gardening equipment on the painting Starry Night ?

A h**... on the Gogh

What did the seven dwarfs sing about Snow White after she hit her first line of c**...?

High h**...!!!!

You know something?

Minecraft taught me a valuable life lesson...

Never spend your diamonds on a h**...

A man walked into a hardware store and asked "how much is that thot".

"What?" asks the clerk.

The man pointed to the garden tools. "That h**... over there."

It's not fair that when a girl screws multiple guys, she's called a h**....

But when I do it, I'm called gay.

What did the h**... say to the rake?

You're tineyer than I expected.

Vincent: hey what classical concert are you going to and why are you wearing that fancy cologne?

Me: to Bait h**..., Vin.

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