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I hear Adrian Peterson is getting into baseball...

Apparently he's a great switch hitter.

Adrian Peterson just announced his retirement from the NFL

and will be joining the Minnesota Twins as a switch hitter.

(Sorry, news was too depressing not to joke about it)

Why would Adrian Peterson be a great baseball player?

Because he's a switch hitter

The New York Yankees Officially Sign Adrian Peterson

They needed a good switch hitter.

I heard the Minnesota Twins were interested in Adrian Peterson...

They need a good Switch Hitter!

BREAKING NEWS: Adrian Peterson has been traded to the Minnesota Twins

They needed a switch hitter

New York Yankees sign Adrian Peterson

They were looking for a good switch hitter

Did you guys here the Twins signed Adrian Peterson?

Word is they needed a switch hitter...

Did you guys hear Adrian Peterson got traded to the Twins?

They needed a switch hitter.

Adrian Peterson will retire from football and play for the Twins

The twins are reportedly very excited to be getting a switch hitter.

Played rounders with a guy that abused fat kids.

He was a big hitter.

Why should Adriane Peterson play baseball?

Cause he is a switch hitter.

What Do You Call Adrian Peterson Playing Baseball?

A switch hitter.

Did you hear about the guy who pitched a baseball game while getting drunk and stoned?

He had a one hitter going until the bottom of the 5th!

If Adrian Peterson played baseball, how would he bat?

Switch Hitter

In light of recent events...

...I believe Adrian Peterson should start playing Major League Baseball.

He'd be a great *switch* hitter.

Th Minnesota Twins baseball team just signed Adrian Peterson

They needed a switch hitter

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