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Did you hear the weather forecast for the hiphop festival?

...They're calling for a Lil Wayne

My girlfriend hates it when I tap the brakes to make the car bounce when I listen to hiphop.

But when I think about it, she never did like brakedancing.

"Who was the Windows programmer's favorite hip-hop group?"


(I came up with this one at work after repeatedly opening the command prompt. Not sure if it's been said before, but I hope you enjoy!)

Hiphop joke, "Who was the Windows programmer's favorite hip-hop group?"

What do you call a one legged rapper?

A Hip-Hop artist

Did Queen release a Hip-Hop album in the 70s?

Becauase I keep hearing of a Bohemian Rap-CD

What do Beethoven and the hiphop artist Lil'Jon have in common?


What do you call an onion that wants to get into hiphop?


Hiphop joke, What do you call an onion that wants to get into hiphop?

What do you call Jay-Z having a leg transplant?

A hip-hop hip op.

Who was Lenin's favorite hip-hop artist?

MC Hammer & Sickle

What do you call a communist hip-hop musician?

MC Hammer and Sickle.

What's black and blue and usually disliked in the hip-hop community?

A white dude wearing a gold chain

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What Type Of Music Do Rabbits Like ?


What do you call it when a frog jumps off somebody's waist?

Performing hip-hop

Someone said that the current hip-hop genre is dead.

I say it's cool though.

No biggie.

What is Easter Bunny's favorite kind of music?

Hip-hop, of course!

Did hear about the new Jewish hiphop artist?

His name is 50% Off and his new hit single is In Da Shul.

Hiphop joke, Did hear about the new Jewish hiphop artist?

If a dishwasher breaks into a successful hiphop career...

does that make them a rapscullion?

Start a mathematical hip-hop duo called "E"

Because E equals MC^2

What do you call a hip-hop trio with boosted Attack but hindered Special Attack?

Naughty by Nature

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