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Best Short Hip Replacement Jokes

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  1. I just had hip replacement surgery It's a really new procedure; you've probably never heard of it.
  2. My grandma just walked into my room with a young barista wearing thick rimmed glasses. I said, Who is that?
    Grandma: That's my hip replacement.
  3. My grandpa just walked into the room with a young man wearing skinny jeans and a beard. I said, Who is this, grandpa?
    Grandpa: He's my hip replacement.
  4. Who's the coolest guy at the hospital? - The Ultra Sound guy
    Who covers for him when he isn't there?
    - The Hip Replacement guy
  5. Who's the coolest guy at the hospital? The ultra sound guy.
    Who's the coolest guy when he's not around?
    The hip replacement guy.
  6. Medical question? My dad said he is going in for a hip he having surgery or am I getting a cool new dad?
  7. In 1973, the Six Million Dollar Man consisted of a bionic man with super powers... In 2016, the Six Million Dollar Man consists of two hip replacements.
  8. What do you call the nicest doctor in the hospital? The ultra sound guy...
    Who covers him when he's not available?....
    The hip replacement guy
  9. My grandma got a hip replacement My new grandma is a 24 year old barista and an aspiring artist.
  10. A bar which does hip replacement operations recently opened near to me, Critics are saying its the new hip place to be.

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Hip Replacement One Liners

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  1. Who's the coolest man in the hospital? The hip replacement guy.
  2. How do old people become cool again? Hip replacements!
  3. Who takes over when the Ultrasound man is on leave? The Hip Replacement Guy.
  4. I'm so hip... ...that I have two of them and some day will need them replaced!
  5. What do you call a hipster who is 80 years old? Someone with a lot of hip replacements
  6. Just got my new Popotamus today! I'm on the waiting list for a Hip replacement now.

Silly & Ridiculous Hip Replacement Jokes to Spread Joy & Laughter

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Old man visits his Doctor...

Old man: Doctor, my hips hurt and need to be replaced. My knees are sore all the time. I need a CPAP machine for sleep, my hair is falling out and I need new glasses.
Doctor: Do you remember all the mornings when you used to jog, all the deserts you passed on, all the salads you ate so you would live longer?
Old man: Yes, Doc, I remember.
Doctor: Well, this is it!

A man hobbles into a McDonald's

A man hobbles into a McDonald's and walks up to the counter.
He proceeds to place his order of 1 hot fudge sundae.
The cashier asks him "Crushed nuts?".
"No." He says, "Hip replacement".

Who's the coolest guy in the hospital?

You'd think it's the hip replacement surgeon, but it's actually the ultra-sound guy...

Who is the coolest guy at the hospital?

The ultra sound guy.
And who covers when hes off sick?
The hip replacement guy.

Who's the most popular guy in the hospital?

The Ultra Sound guy.
Who is it when he's not there?
The Hip Replacement guy.

Who's the coolest person at the hospital?

The ultra sound guy.
Who's the second coolest?
The hip replacement dude.

Who is the coolest guy in the hospital?

The Ultra-sound guy.
Who's the coolest when he's on holiday?
The Hip Replacement man

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