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The three most well known languages in India are English, Hindi, and...


TIL that the Hindi word for "penny" is derived from the word for bread, as in the ancient Indus valley, small and dense pieces of bread were used as currency

Sounds like a bunch of naan-cents to me

I wanted to see if this Hindi joke still works in English

My son.

Nope, still useless.

Hindi joke, I wanted to see if this Hindi joke still works in English

An Indian architect gets called into his boss's office because a comedy club he recently designed is labeled only in Hindi.

Flustered, he says, "Sorry for the construction of The Joke, English is not my first language."

A famous Hindi joke! Let's see if the translation works!

Once, Mahatma Gandhi was on a visit to the Mental Hospital. He bumped in a patient who had recovered by then

Gandhiji asked him, "So, how are you now?"

"I feel better. Tell me what's your name?"

"Mohandas Gandhi."

"I, too, was saying this before getting admitted to the hospital!"

Motu: Can you read Chinese?

Patlu: If it is written in Hindi.

Why can't Hindi people fight with each other?

Because they can't have beef!

Hindi joke, Why can't Hindi people fight with each other?

Hindi joke translated

Me to a friend: You will go forward in life

Friend: Thanks

Me: Because wherever you will go, everyone will say, I don't have change please go forward

What's hindi for milf?


What do you call Dalai Lama eating cream?

Malai Lama

(Malai is cream in Hindi)

My boss told me that my friend was sick...

I thought he was Hindi.

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What's the word that doesn't have a translation in Hindi?


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