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"What do you do in your free time? " "I stalk. "

"Really? I go swimming and for long hikes"

"I know.".

A blond chick gets a new tattoo...

So later at the bar with her friends she hikes up her skirt to show off a conch shell tattooed high on her inner thigh, near her snootch.

One of her friends asks, "Why did you get it so on your thigh?"

"So that when you put your ear against it, you can smell the ocean."

Oral Misgivings

Q: How can you tell if your date really digs oral sex?
A: She hikes up her skirt every time you yawn.

Two women are standing on a bridge

One woman says to the other You know.. I always wanted to pee outside the way men do

The other woman goes Go head nobody's around!

So she hikes her skirt up and squats over the water and says Come here I'm a gonna pee right there in that canoe!

She says That's not a canoe it's your reflection

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