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Jenga Towers

At Highschool we have a test every week and my teacher lets the person with the highest score bring in their favourite board game. For years, my favourite game has been Jenga, the falling towers game.

So on friday the 8th in the first week of September I finally get the highest score and the teacher tells me I can bring in a board game on monday.

mfw I walk into class on 9/11 with Jenga and I'm a muslim...

So evidently the kid who stabbed all the people at his highschool today was always told he would be famous.

He felt like today was the day to take a stab at it.

I went to an all black highschool

This year they decided to repaint it blue.

Alabama has changed its drinking age

It is now 32, in order to alcohol out of highschool

jokes about highschool

Taking that CPR class before Highschool...

Led me to believe that choking and strokes would have occurred more often that I thought.

My friend has a PHD.

Even though he only has a Public Highschool Diploma, he has been living a pretty happy life.

Side note: My father loves to make this joke, so I had to share.

Son, as a reward for graduating high-school at the top of your class, we've decided to pool or money and send you abroad!

Son: Is she hot?

Highschool joke, Son, as a reward for graduating high-school at the top of your class, we've decided to pool or money

What high-school has taught me?

Science, English, Maths and a few other words.

Nic Cage was a straight A highschool student

but he slacked off one semester.

When he got his report card, he shouted "Bs! Not the Bs!"

Back in highschool girls would CONSTANTLY fight over me

Back then, I just prayed they weren't wearing high heels.

What do you call a bad Mathematician?

A high-school teacher.

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I went to my highschool reunion and came across a woman I'd never seen before.

Luckily she didn't notice.

My highschool sweet heart is the mother of my two children.

But apparently, my wife isn't too happy about it.

What do you call a nerd after highschool?


I'm an atheist with a god-complex...

...which explains why all my highschool teachers always said I never believed in myself.

My math teacher from highschool thought she was so smart and intelligent

yet when I graduated, she was still in highschool.

Highschool joke, My math teacher from highschool thought she was so smart and intelligent

It hurts every time!

During high-school health class, the topic of sex came up. Whilst discussing it, the teacher described it as, "the most pleasurable experience you will ever have".

After hearing this, a girl from the back of the class calls out, "You're lying! It hurts every time!"

Puzzled, the teacher finally clicks and asks, "You aren't devoutly religious, by any chance...?"

Hillary Clinton says she will pass laws against high-school age interns.

She said she's going to put a lot of collating minors out of business.

If Joseph Stalin completed all of his highschool credits

Does that make him a Stalingrad?

Hades is a like a Highschool Football Player

Hades was able to secure a pretty girl, trick her to eat swallowing his seeds, and now she has to live with him, all while her mother despises him.

I was at my 20 year highschool reunion and a friend asked, "If you could have sex with any girl from highschool who would it be?"

I told him I think we are getting a little old for highschool girls, maybe we should date people our own age.

Which subject did feminists hate the most in highschool?


My highschool bully still takes my lunch money...

But on the upside, he makes great Subway sandwiches!

I married my highschool sweetheart.

I don't know why the prosecutor keeps bringing that up.

When is a door not a door?

When it is ajar.

Edit (back story): the origin of this joke came from a road trip back when I was in highschool (about 17 years ago). My buddy left the car door open and the dash displayed "the door is ajar". He thought it was funny, since we're use to seeing the "door open" icon and wouldn't stop telling the joke.

Not surprised it's been heard / told before but just happen to never hear it from any other source.

So a dyslexic guy walks into a bra.....

Credits to my uncle, for making this his senior quote in highschool. Not sure if he thought of it or not.

Highschool joke, So a dyslexic guy walks into a bra.....

In highschool I used to be girl crazy...

And by girl crazy I don't mean I was obsessed with girls...I mean I was irrational and never used logic.

I was put into a special ed class in highschool.......

I came for the easy grades, but I stayed.....

...***For the ladies***

So I went to this concert with my wife

And I recognized one of the violin players from my highschool marching band. He played fine, but not outstanding. My wife also recognized him. So after the concert we decided to say hi.

"Has anyone told you that you were the best violin player in the world?"

My friend was quite surprised from my wife's comment and also quite pleased. But before he could reply my wife continued.

"Ever wonder why?"

Why did the ice cube drop out of highschool?

It was too cool for school.

Too bad they won't allow dogs to graduate highschool.

They're just K-9.

Why did the boy bring a ladder to school?

He wanted to go to highschool.

I was rated "number 1 most likely to not murder you in a cabin in a forest" in highschool.

I know, kind of a weird thing to be rated for but you won't find someone who disagrees.

Watson walks in on Sherlock in bed with a girl much younger than himself.

As she hastily covers herself and leaves the room Watson looks at her and says

"Jesus, is she in highschool?"

To which Sherlock replies "Elementary, dear Watson!"

Kid asks is paw why do these condoms come in 3 packs?

Father: Those are for highschool boys son. One for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Son: Then what is this 6 pack for?

Father: Those are for college men! 2 for Friday 2 for Saturday and 2 for Sunday!

Son: WOW!! And the 12 pack of condoms?

Father: Sigh.... Those are for married men. One for January.... One for February..... One for...

I used to be flexible back in highschool. In fact all my friends called me Spider-man...

mainly because my uncle was murdered.

Whats emptier than Hitler's heart?

A small town American 1945 high-school yearbook.

Scientific research has proven that 90% of highschool students don't pay attention in class

Other 10% don't come to school

What do a gay Mexican and a highschool nerd have in common?

They both do their essays.

What do you call someone that had potential to be great in highschool, but now has no friends, no career aspirations, and is satisfied with a menial job?

Idk what others would say, but I know my dad is refusing to call me "son"

What's the difference between your moms high-school and the titanic?

Your mom didn't go down on the titanic.

Favorite highschool memory


My nickname in highschool was mushroom.

Because I'm a fun guy.

Why did the highschool heart throb Playboy become a devout Christian?

He heard they had more sects than any other religion.

Did you know that highschoolers can drink in Mississippi?

I mean you can't stop them after they turn 21.

American School System

5th grade: You better learn cursive, because in middle school; all your work will be done in cursive!
6th grade: Just write print it's easier to read
Highschool: You better learn these core classes because they'll be required to know before college!
College: You have to retake and pay for these Core Classes for your Degree

Sex in prison is a lot like the sex in highschool.

The sex you want, you ain't getting....and the sex you

My highschool teacher just became a grandfather

True story, a little background I had a teacher in highschool that I kept up with after graduation, he is also a little Aspergery.

So I just found out that he became a grandfather so I asked him What are you gonna have the kid call you ie grandad, grandpa, gramps etc... And in complete seriousness he responds with
"He's not gonna call me anything he can't talk"

Hey girl, are you an American highschool?

Cause I wanna shoot some kids inside you

The best thing about college is it forces you to have confidence

Like in highschool i never had the confidence to walk in front of a moving car.

Last one alive is a valedictorian

At my highschool during COVID.

My Best Friend Decided To Play The Tuba in Highschool

He was just really into heavy metal

One of the Saddest Stories I've Ever Heard

The HighSchool Girls National diving team's plane crashed into the ocean, and they washed up on a deserted island.

Physically, the few survivors were unharmed, but as the days past, their minds began to crack as they realized that they had not the tools, knowledge, or materials to build a working diving board and bring some normalcy back into their lives!
But alas… The poor bastards were forced to resort to cannonballism.

One of my happiest memory is when I won the science fair in highschool.

I mixed charcoal, saltpetre and sulfur and blew away the competition

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