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The freemasons have created a new drink that contains a high amount of metal

They call it 'Alumina-tea'

What do you call Tea made with w**... and koala bears?

A High Koala Tea Beverage.

What do you call tea made by a s**... marsupial?

High koala tea

British scientists have created a new high-tech material that reaches peak performance around 5pm

They called it Tea-timeium.

Have you seen that awesome video of a Koala drinking tea high up in the trees?

It's super high quality

what did 1 floating british boat say to the other

i believe its about high tide for some tea

Shut up, will you?" "Oh, I'm sorry, Your Highness, should I go get you your coffee and tea now?

What is the favorite activity of reggae fans?

A High Tea

Prince William visits the Royal Institute for the insane...

He inspects the facilities and has a cup of tea with the workers, just as his mother would have done. He then asks to speak to a few of the residents. The staff were hesitant to agree to the request, but seeing as he was the chief patron of the institute, they couldn`t say no.
After meeting a few crazy types, the prince found himself talking to a young man who appeared completely normal. The young man explained his situation, "Someone has made a mistake. I have no idea why I am here. As you can see from my behaviour I am perfectly fine and I could fit into the community immediately. I`ve written to a number of high ranking people but they refer me back to the manager here. I guess you are my only chance of getting released. Can you talk to someone on my behalf?"
Prince William was very impressed with the manner in which the young man spoke and promised that he`d do all he could for him. But as the prince got up to walk away and continue his tour, the young man punched him really hard in the back of the head.
The prince was stunned and turned to face the man who said, "That was just so you wouldn`t forget me."

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