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What do you call a German barber?

Herr Kutz

(This was funnier when I was half asleep this morning)

Did you hear about that German barber?

You know, Herr Kutz.

"Herr General, the Italians have entered the war"

said the Wehrmacht commander's subordinate.

"Really?" his boss sighed. "Send half a division to stop them."

"Nein, herr General." replied his subordinate; "they are entering on our side."

Upon hearing it, the General collapses onto the table, crying; "Send two armies to help them!"

Herr joke, "Herr General, the Italians have entered the war"

What do you call a German Barber?

Herr Cut.

German Mining Company

German miner, "herr supervisor, we're working so many hours and we're so efficient that within a year we will run out of ore to mine."

Mine Supervisor, "this is a problem. A very bad problem."

Miner, "what do you suggest we do?"

Supervisor, "Mein Fuhrer."

What do you call ten German men standing abreast, walking backward?

A receeding Herr line.

Hitler asks a jewish kid...

Hitler wants to hear the dreams of jewish kids. So, he visits Auschwitz and finds one kid sitting in a corner, freezing to death.

"Hallo kinder, what is your dream?"

"Herr Hitler, when I grow-"

"IF..IF you grow up."

Herr joke, Hitler asks a jewish kid...

What do German girls call getting divorced and remarried?

A Herr transplant.

How do you call a german barber during ww2

Herr styler

What do Germans call Micheal Jordans sneakers?

Herr Jordan's AirJordans

Michael Jordan tried escaping his nickname in Germany...

but they still called him Herr Jordan.

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Why did the German get their tailor and their barber mixed up?

They call their tailor Herr Dresser

What did the cast and crew of the movie "Schindler's list" call Steven Spielberg?

"Herr Direktor"

What do you call a German guy wearing basketball shoes?

Herr Jordan

In German you use "Herrlich" for Good or well. Notice that the word contains "Herr" which means "Man". Now let's look at Stupid "DΓ€mlich".

"Dame" means "Woman"

What do you call a German physician who specializes in the epidermis of the scalp?

Herr Doctor.

Herr joke, What do you call a German physician who specializes in the epidermis of the scalp?

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