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Comical Herpetologist Jokes to Spread Joy and Laughter

How do you know when a herpetologist is really upset?

They're throwing a hissy fit.

Why was the herpetologist bad in bed?

He had a reptile dysfunction.

TIL that a herpetologist studies diseased snakes, not diseased snakes

I've never put my pants back on that fast in my life

Why couldn't the Chinese herpetologist see out his car window?

Because it was too froggy outside.

What does the herpetologist do when the s**... reproduction experiment is over?

Turns off his monitor.

What did the Herpetologist text to his new girlfriend?

Send Newts.

A corollary

We all know you can tell a chemist from a plumber by asking the to pronounce 'unionized', but sometime ask a herpetologist about a 'cloaking' device.

Why did the herpetologist gain weight?

They just sit watching a monitor all day.

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