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Funny Herm Jokes and Puns

If Hermione was a mathematician what would her kids be named?

Hermitwo and Hermithree.

Why doesn't Hermione keep her money at Gringotts?

Offshore investment gains a better return.

What did Hermes do when he broke the statue?

He Apollo-gized

Herm joke, What did Hermes do when he broke the statue?

A hermit in the middle east has not heard about any current events.

I guess you could say he lives under Iraq.

How did the hermit crab show off his new apartment?

He took a shelfie.

Herman Cain is going to find out about the Coronavirus 5x5x5 plan.

Positive test within 5 days of TrumpRallyTulsa

He spread Coronavirus to least 5 of his friends

He only has 5 minutes left of his 15 minutes of fame

OC: What does Hermione use to ensure her children are able to use magic?

A Wizard Called Ron.

Herm joke, OC: What does Hermione use to ensure her children are able to use magic?

Why did the hermit crab refuse to go in his shell?

Because he was claw-strophobic!

Hermann von Salza is asked what time it is

"teu-ton" he responds

If Hermione was a boy, what would her parents have named him?


What does a hermaphroditic scot wear?

A polysporran.

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