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What are some Herder jokes?

Herding sheep.

A sheep herder is watching his dog herd all their sheep into a pen. The dog finishes and says "Master, I've got all 30 sheep in the pen". The man looks at the sheep, then back to the dog and says "but I only count 26". The dog says "I know, I rounded them up".

A Welshman, Scot and Englishman

A Welshman, Scot and Englishman are walking when they come across a lantern and a genie pops out and grants them one wish each.

The Scot says: I am a sheep herder, like my dad before me. I want my country to be full of lovely sheep farms. Whoosh, and so it was.

The Englishman was amazed and says: I want a wall around England to keep those damned Scots and Welsh out. Bang, there was a wall around England.

The Welshman says: Tell me more about this wall.

The genie says: It's 200 feet high, 100 feet thick, it goes all around England, and nothing can get in or out.

The Welshman says: Fill it with water.

What job did the farmer give to his learning-disabled child?


What is a goat herder known as in the Middle East?

A Pimp

What do you call a rich goat herder?

A billy-ionaire!

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