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It's Easter Sunday morning...

... and chubby Chuck has been chomping on Easter eggs all night. He decides that he simply can't eat one more Easter egg. So he plays a prank. He goes into the chicken coop and replaces every single egg the hens have laid with a brightly colored one. A few minutes later, the rooster walks in, sees all the colored eggs, then storms outside and kills the peacock.

Chicken must be brilliant at mathematics..

Because after explaining every proof, my teachers say "Hens proved!!"

What do you call an elite group of detectives that are comprised of hens?

The Clue Clucks Clan

Hens joke, What do you call an elite group of detectives that are comprised of hens?

A gaggle of geese, a brood of hens, what do you call a group of turkeys?

A corporation.

Where do we keep all of the Turkish hens?

In a coup.

Why do hens lay eggs?

If they dropped them, they'd break!

Why are hens so good at fire drills?

They always know where to egg sit.

Hens joke, Why are hens so good at fire drills?

I started a chicken dating site to make some much needed money

I was just trying to make hens meet.

A couple of hens were discussing the days events...

... One of the hens is flustered and worried, so she tells the other hen, "I think one of us is gonna get it! I heard Farmer Brown tell Neighbour Jones that he was gonna stay home and choke the chicken tonight!"

Friend told me about a song taking place in soviet Russia. Chicken farmer with outstanding yield had to give up his chickens due to collective farming law...

Can't keep my hens to myself

What kind of eggs do evil hens lay?

Deviled eggs!

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A woman walks into a bar and asks for a cocktail...

The barman responds "Sorry, we've only got hens at the moment".

What do gay hens lay?


Did you hear about the poor chicken farmer?

He's really trying to make hens meat.

I've just started up a dating site for chickens...

It's not my main job, I'm just doing it to make hens meet...

I thought my dating site for chickens would make me a fortune

But I'm struggling to make hens meet

Hens joke, I thought my dating site for chickens would make me a fortune

Started a chicken dating website.

It's not my full time job, just doing it to make hens meet.

I'm thinking of starting a social media network for chickens

But not as my full-time job. Just as a way to make hens meet.

I buy chicks but not hens.

A chick's a little cheeper

A hen is having a talk with its chick

Chick: Why do humans get names but we don't? We are only called hens, or chickens or roosters.

Hen: Well, WE might not get names but when we die, we have many names. Humans on the other hand, are only called zombies or ghosts.

Chick: What are we called when we die then?

Hen: Names such as, curry chicken, roast chicken, fried chicken..

Tough business

I started a business breeding chickens, but I'm struggling to make hens meet.

Help! I have lots of birds that were donated anonymously!

4 calling birds

6 hens

6 doves

And 6 partridges in trees!

If anyone knows a birdtaker, let me know!

I developed a successful chicken social network app to make more money.

I didn't do it for the glory I did it to make hens meet.

What do you call it when all the hens in the coup resign the same day from their jobs laying eggs?

Chicken tenders.

I bought some french hens recently, but it's very frustrating that so far they've only laid a single egg

Un oeuf is enough.

Due to the current economic situation in the world, I've started a dating site for chickens.

It's not my full-time job, I'm just doing it... make hens meet.


A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. "So, what have you been up to lately?" the bartender asks him. "Well, I recently set up a dating website for chickens," the guy tells him. "I mean, its not my main job ... I'm just doing it to make hens meet."

A guy was driving down a country lane and he ran over a rooster

He was very upset.

He went to the farmhouse and knocked on the door and a woman opened it and he said: 'I appear to have killed your rooster. I'd like to replace him.'

And she said: 'Please yourself, the hens are round the back.

I've started a dating app for chickens.

It's not my main job though, just to makes hens meet.

Which door do hens use when they leave?

The eggs-it.

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