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The Washington Redskins finally decided to drop their offensive name.

Dan Snyder, owner of the NFL Redskins, has announced that the team is dropping "Washington" from the team name, and it will henceforth be simply known as, "The Redskins." It was reported that he finds the word "Washington" imparts a negative image of poor leadership, mismanagement, corruption, cheating, lying, and graft, and is not a fitting role-model for young fans of football.

The government have announced new measures to stop migrants from getting into England

Henceforth, Chelsea fans will be in charge of security at Calais.

The formerly known Washington Redskins have officially changed their team name

Henceforth, they shall be known as the D.C Redskins

Washington Redskins to change their name

Today, the owner of the Washington Redskins, Dan Snyder, finally agreed to a name change for his team.

Standing at the base of the Washington Monument, Snyder spoke in solemn tones when he announced:

It has taken a while for me to get woke. I now realize how degrading and insulting the team name has been all these years. In the spirit of the times, henceforth the team will now be called the DC Redskins

So apparently i was knighted at Victoria's Secret today. . . . .

Thus I shall henceforth be known as, Sir Will You Please Leave You're Being Creepy.

The Detroit Pistons have sold naming rights to a drugmaker to promote their new treatment for Petit Mal epilepsy.

Henceforth to be known as Little Seizures Arena

My friend Virginia just had sex for the first time.

I shall henceforth be calling her Ia.

Despite threatening tweets from Donald Trump, Kraft Foods is moving their operations to Israel.

A company name change is also in order. They will henceforth be called Cheeses of Nazareth.

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